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Art Street and Farmer’s Market

Rebecca came by today and offered to drive me to Art Street in Green Bay. Though my sciatica was bothering me, I decided to go for the outing.

We had to park on the 6th level of the parking garage. The elevator was busy with all the people going up and down, I decided to walk down, and then we walked around Art Street. I hadn’t been there in years. It was so much fun.

As we prepared to head home, Rebecca decided to get cheese from a vendor at the farmer’s market (two events makes a HUGE crowd). She said to stand in line for the elevator and she would catch up after getting the cheese.

Well, I stood in line and stood in line. Eventually, I started the climb up, as did a group of other ladies waiting for the elevator.

I took my time, one step at a time. Since I was slow, I stood aside when others needed to me.

Rebecca caught up to me when I reached the third floor–halfway home.

Eventually, I paused and took a photo out a window.

This is from the parking garage fifth-floor landing. It’s of the Farmer’s Market, but looks very much like Art Street from this height.

I made it to the car without a problem, but I think I’ve had enough exercise for today. Time to sit and catch up on some reading.

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More Farmer’s Market activities

Aryana had a ball at the Oneida Farmer’s Market. She only returned to us for food or to show off.

A gentleman at the event was making balloon sculptures for the children. Aryana came back with a yellow dog….I sent her back with a donation for his efforts.

Once wasn’t enough for our granddaughter. She returned with a long sausage dog–it sat on her chair until it burst on its own power and scared me to death.

Aryana eventually learned to make her own sausage balloon dogs. All she needed was a help with the air pump to blow up her balloons. The red, green, and blue ones in this photo were her very own creations as was the big round balloon on the stick.

All the children who visited this booth went away from the balloon man happy with the creations he made for them, but our girl was a fast learner and made some of her own–we had to drag her away from the balloon man’s booth, but she went home happy.

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From wet to windy

We had the opportunity to go to a Farmer’s Market for free this morning.

We left home under clouds. It started to rain about a mile from the Tractor Supply parking lot where we were to set up.

We waited an hour and after the rain stopped we set up our canopy alongside some other sellers.

There were a few shoppers but had hoped for more.

When the wind picked up we took down the canopy and sat by our tables hoping the wind wouldn’t tip them over and break my painted tiles.

At least it got us out of the house and we also got treated to lunch by Rebecca and Andy–thanks for the take-down help you too and for the yummy lunch. Glad we were close to your home.

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Biding my time

It was Farmer’s Market Tuesday again today–only two more left for our season. It rained when we were setting up so didn’t hall out everything. First set up one table, but left books in the car. Eventually, the rain stopped and we brought out my books for sale.

No more rain came, but a cold breeze buffeted our canopy. Bob and I put on sweatshirts.

I debated about using the port-o-potty but finally had to give in.

I know this one is well kept up, so didn’t worry about the smell. What I did worry about was dropping something down into the blue mixture below.

I took off my sunglasses and glasses. I took my keys, my purse, my phone and gave them to Bob along with any change in my pocket. My jacket I left behind. I wasn’t taking any chances.

Nothing was dropped and soon I was back at our booth reloading my pockets. Port-o-potties have their uses, but I always make mine a quick stop.

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Another pop-up

Bob and I were set up at the Seymour Farmer’s Market by 1:30. The market opened at 2, but there were already people walking around.

Even before two I made a sale and happily looked forward to the rest of our time at the market.

About the time of the official opening, Bob said was starting to rain. I thought he was crazy as I just checked my WeatherBug and it had nothing on the radar.

Guess what? It was raining, or at least sprinkling. I moved my books farther under our canopy. The sprinkle didn’t stop but speeded up. I had to cover the table with my books, but the rest of my stuff got rained on. It didn’t hurt the tiles or Rebecca’s trees.

No one shut down during the shower, though some did cover up their displays.

Can you tell that my table and painted ties are wet? No big problem though. After the rain stopped I wiped everything down, uncovered my dry books, and continued selling at the market.

The rest of the day was lovely. Only a small portion of Seymour got the pop-up shower. The rest of town stayed dry and didn’t realize they missed the shower.

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