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Biding my time

It was Farmer’s Market Tuesday again today–only two more left for our season. It rained when we were setting up so didn’t hall out everything. First set up one table, but left books in the car. Eventually, the rain stopped and we brought out my books for sale.

No more rain came, but a cold breeze buffeted our canopy. Bob and I put on sweatshirts.

I debated about using the port-o-potty but finally had to give in.

I know this one is well kept up, so didn’t worry about the smell. What I did worry about was dropping something down into the blue mixture below.

I took off my sunglasses and glasses. I took my keys, my purse, my phone and gave them to Bob along with any change in my pocket. My jacket I left behind. I wasn’t taking any chances.

Nothing was dropped and soon I was back at our booth reloading my pockets. Port-o-potties have their uses, but I always make mine a quick stop.

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Another pop-up

Bob and I were set up at the Seymour Farmer’s Market by 1:30. The market opened at 2, but there were already people walking around.

Even before two I made a sale and happily looked forward to the rest of our time at the market.

About the time of the official opening, Bob said was starting to rain. I thought he was crazy as I just checked my WeatherBug and it had nothing on the radar.

Guess what? It was raining, or at least sprinkling. I moved my books farther under our canopy. The sprinkle didn’t stop but speeded up. I had to cover the table with my books, but the rest of my stuff got rained on. It didn’t hurt the tiles or Rebecca’s trees.

No one shut down during the shower, though some did cover up their displays.

Can you tell that my table and painted ties are wet? No big problem though. After the rain stopped I wiped everything down, uncovered my dry books, and continued selling at the market.

The rest of the day was lovely. Only a small portion of Seymour got the pop-up shower. The rest of town stayed dry and didn’t realize they missed the shower.

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Under the canopy

It’s Tuesday, so once again we were at the Seymour Farmer’s Market.

The weather was predicted to have pop-up showers today, but lucky for us none popped here. We had a nice day with a lovely breeze.

There could have been more shoppers at the market, but maybe they were saving themselves for the county fair which started tonight with a tractor pull. Bob entertained himself by watching all the trailers with tractors on them, driving to the fair. Most were IH.

From our booth/canopy we could see the people to our west who were selling handmade teddybears and a bunch of other crocheted items.

East of us was a couple selling vegetables.

See the blue cooler on the table to the left above the yellow bucket. A little boy was selling lemonade at the end of his mother’s table. Bob and I bought a cup from him for fifty cents each.

All in all, it was another nice Tuesday.

Rock hunting

Today Rebecca and Andy came for a visit. Andy grilled hot dogs for our lunch and I went rock hunting with Rebecca.

Our daughter creates beautiful copper trees. She sells them in shops and under our canopy at the Seymour Farmer’s Market.

A photo of her trees on their patio

Her trees are all mounted on rocks, most of which she found on her dad’s rock pile on the farm.

As I sat on our cart, Rebecca went rock hunting. She looks them all over and only takes the best rocks for her trees.

One by one Rebecca takes the cream of the rock pile.

Andy says Rebecca has enough rocks at home, but there will never be enough rocks for our daughter and her copper trees.

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Farmers Market day 2

Bob and I spent a second Tuesday afternoon at the Seymour Farmer’s Market. It was a bit hotter, but there was a breeze and no rain.

It went better today as we had a brand new canopy that popped up. Well, since it was new, it needed a little more effort to get it up. It sure packed up a whole lot faster at the end of the day than our old one.

The Seymour Farmers Market.
Our canopy is the white one on the left with the for lease sign behind it.
Bob tending the store. No, he’s not for lease.

One of the main activities we did this day was people watch. That took up a good part of our afternoon.

We plan to go again next Tuesday. I mean, now that we have a decent popup canopy, we can’t stay home. We have to make use of it, so we’ll be there every Tuesday through August. Come on by.

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