Public Speaking

Susan can speak on a variety of topics to groups of all ages.

Susan speaking at the Loomis Historic Society

Program 1: It Helps to Be Crazy
Life on Sunnybook Farm is never easy…but it can be funny. Join Susan as she tells about Bob, her children, the animals, and organic farming in Wisconsin.

Program 2: Off the Top of My Head
Susan shares her hat collection, along with the stories connected to them. Beware! Audience members may be asked to try on the hats and share their own stories.

Program 3: Saving the Past
History isn’t only in textbooks. It comes from the every day lives of ordinary people. Collecting family stories and handing them down to future generations is a gift anyone can give.

Program 4: Another Time, Another Life
Based on her work as a docent at a Wisconsin State Park, Susan brings history to life, depicting everyday problems during the Fur Trade Era. Dressed in period clothing, she demonstrates necessary life skills of the frontier woman.

Program 5: You can do it!
Using personal stories, Susan shows how she tackled her own fears and life challenges. Topics include: enrolling in college at age 50, surviving that first class exam, graduating by age 60, and maybe her greatest fear, public speaking. During this motivational presentation, Susan encourage everyone to tackle life’s challenges with a smile … and maybe a bottle of antacid.