The unimaginable

Car-E likes to harass the senior cats in the house.

He started jumping on Othello, who is around 16. Car-E just wanted to play but Othello has never seen his play as fun. He often verbally chastized Car-E and moved away, only to be followed by the large kitten.

So I never thought I’d see the two of them sleeping together.

Maybe this was a one-time event. I don’t know, but I’m happy I had my phone with me so I could document this.

Othello doesn’t cuddle with Cruella either. He never has. If they get close, there are cat words exchanged. The best they have done is to sleep at opposite corners of my bed. So having Othello and Car-E sleeping this close was a notable event.

Hoping for other sightings like this one in the future, but I don’t expect much.

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Country people wave

Walk down a country road. A car passes. You wave your hand. It doesn’t matter who is in the vehicle.

Waving is just in our nature.

I know a city boy who asked to drive down country roads. He liked to wave and he knew there people would wave back.

If you are driving on country roads, don’t be surprised when people wave at you. Be a good sport and wave back. It’s the right thing to do.

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Blowing before the rain

If you wonder what I do besides blogging, this video is for you.

A big pile of leaves was blown around the house and landed by my backdoor. This is how I got rid of them. I used my Mother’s Day gift.

So much easier than raking. But I had to stop blowing at the end of the fence as the wind had changed direction and started blowing the leaves back at me.

Yes, yard work takes up some of my time, too, and gives me another subject to blog about.

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Actress for a day

Well, I wasn’t exactly an actress. I was an extra. I found out that the biggest part of a movie extra’s life is sitting and waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more.

That was the first of two days. The second, I took my children out of school so they could be in the movie Meet the Applegates, too.

Take them out of school?! Yes, I believe there are times that students learn more from rare experiences than working in school.

Here’s my account of being an extra.

If you watch Meet the Applegates and look for us, we are barely visible when the stars enter the back of the auditorium. At least I think one or two of my brood are visible. I’m seated, holding a sleeping Rachel, so not visible. It was a very long day.

I’m still glad my late friend, Colleen Sutherland suggested this experience all those years ago. Colleen was always one for a new adventure.

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I should have known better

Some people write in their journals every day. I write every day, but not in a journal. Lately most of my writing has been in this blog.

This column even made me laugh when I came across it in my archives. I hope you enjoy it, too.

What have family members borrowed from you? Was it usable afterward?

I suggest you be suspicious of children’s borrowing requests.

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