Cat in the….

You’ve heard of Cat in the Hat, well today I have Cat in the bag.

At first Car-E stuck his head in the box, but the bag called to him and he was drawn into it.

Not a lot of action.

But at least, Car-E made me smile.

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Veggies for a treat?

It was not easy getting our children to eat vegetables, raw or cooked. And Bob was no help as you will hear in this column reading.

To get good food past our crew, it had to be hidden inside stews and soups and cut into miniscule pieces.

I allowed them to pick out one vegetable that they hated, but they had to eat the rest. Otherwise, their stew would consist of meat, potatoes, and gravy.

I hope you like this remembrance.

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One treasure

This is a two in one treasure today.

Sorry, I neglected to put a date on this. We made it sometime after 1993. That’s when I started wearing my gold wedding band. It was a gift for our twentieth anniversary.

My actual wedding band hadn’t been worn since I was pregnant with Rob. In 1975, my fingers swelled and I almost had to cut the ring off. Luckily, after much work, I was able to remove it in one piece.

Bob only wore his wedding ring on our wedding day. After that he put it away. He was afraid of losing his finger in a farm accident. Bob had a friend who caught his ring when jumping from the bed of a grain truck, catching it, and losing his finger in the process.

In our early years together, it bothered me that he wouldn’t wear the ring. But eventually I grew up and agreed with Bob.

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An exciting night with Bob

Bob was a sound sleeper. Before I married him, I was warned by his family about his loud snoring. His sister told me she often had to go downstairs to his bedroom to roll him over to stop his snoring. His noise was keeping the rest of the family awake.

It took a while, but I got used to his snoring. Bob’s nightmares were a different thing.

What follows is an account of one nightmare that had me leaving our bed for safety.

I’m glad Bob remembered what he had been kicking at in his sleep. At least I knew it wasn’t me.

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More junk than treasure

I think I found a way of weeding through all the STUFF/junk in my house. I’m going to make a blog hunt about my finds.

Today’s hunt is mostly junk.

Anyone want the plastic canvases I found? If you do, email me at They shouldn’t cost much to mail.

Oops. I’ve got to go. Car-E just knocked the ball of twine off the table and is unwinding it!

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