Perseid Meteor Shower

Tis the season for the Perseid Meteor Shower.

The shower’s peak early tomorrow, August 12th, between 2 am and sunrise. Reports also say that many meteors may be seen in the next few mornings.

Perseid Meteor Shower photo from internet

Early this morning, around 2, I had to get up to go to the bathroom. I thought about going out to observe the meteor shower for a few minutes.

Things for me to consider: night critters, the cool night air, and being alone.

Did I go back to bed? No.

I put on Bob’s robe, still hanging in our bedroom, and stepped out on the upper deck of the house. There wouldn’t be any critters up there.

The waning moon was bright, but if I turned my face away from it the sky was darker and made it easier for me to watch for meteors.

The night was beautiful, calm and cool.

It wasn’t too long before I saw a flash in the sky. That meteor made me happy.

In past summers, when family camped here, we’d all stay up and look at the night sky.

I miss those days but I especially miss Bob’s company.

I also missed my friend Colleen Sutherland. Living in town meant Colleen couldn’t see the night sky well enough for the shower. One early morning, Colleen and a few others came to watch the Perseid Shower at our home.

We were bundled up for a very cool, damp morning. Hot cocoa was sipped as we settled down on our lawn chairs, chatting, and waiting.

A ground fog rolled in. I don’t remember if we saw any meteors before it arrived, but I still remember the time I spent with my friends.

This morning, I stayed up about 20 minutes and saw six meteors flash by, and then I went back to bed, happy I had made the trip out–I’ll probably go out again tonight as the weather will be about the same.

I hope you see a meteor and make a wish as it streaks across the sky.

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Weather from a distance

Thunderstorm warnings were out for our area.

The sky above was clear.

In the distance to the north I saw this cloud.

When you are underneath such a cloud, you can not see it build above your head.

The sky darkened here. I could no longer see the building clouds.

Thunder rumbled.

A sprinkle came.

And went.

A nice shower would have been appreciated, but I’m happy the big storm didn’t materialize here.

I heard from family farther south that they did have winds blow through. Russ has one tree down. Friend, Joyce, has patio furniture blown about.

I hope all have survived the winds and weather.

Tomorrow should be a nice day.

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Car-E goes fishing

Blue Fish, my beta, has caught the eye of Car-E.

Good thing that the fish knows to go to the bottom of the bowl whenever the kitten comes to play.

It’s also a good thing that when Car-E puts his paw in the water he reacts, quickly pulling back.

I’m pretty sure Blue Fish is safe, but I will keep an eye on Car-E when he gets close.

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Bob’s proposal

Going to friend/co-woker Judy and David’s wedding.

On August 8, 1973, Bob and I were driving back from a supply run to Farm and Fleet in Kankakee, Illinois. If it was one of our usual trips, we had lunch at the Wagon wheel restaurant. They had the best fried catfish!

Bob said he wondered if we should keep dating. It kind of sounded like he was breaking up with me. After dating for two years he couldn’t see where we were going.

I don’t exactly how we got around to the word marriage, but it eventually came up.

It went something like this.

Me: Bob, I never agreed to marry you because you never asked. You’ve got to ask me.

Bob: Well, do you want to?

That was his proposal. It wasn’t until last year, when we were at a family gathering, that he admitted he’d been trying to figure out how to ask me to marry him. That was nice to hear.

At least we were both on the same page.

Four months later we had a church wedding, surrounded by all our friends and family.

Best friends forever and we meant it.

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Car-E at play

Sometimes I have to be Car-E-free. If I’m going in and out the door, I don’t want him slipping past me.

He’s so fast! He would be out in the yard before I could stop him. To keep him safe I have to think ahead of my growing kitten.

Sometimes I lock Car-E in a room he can not escape while I’m busy. That’s usually the bathroom.

For a short time without Car-E under my feet I give him a treat in his toy.

Food is very important to this kitten. He’ll do anything for a kitty treat.

When I put a few pieces in his toy, he works hard to get at the kibble.

Car-E is an adventerous cat.

He’s is often underfoot. This is one way to distract him from getting in the way. Too bad my groceries didn’t get put away because I was too busy watching Car-E.

The clown of the house makes me laugh.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved