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A toilet paper surprise

Who would have thought I’d be writing about toilet paper? Not I.

I did not hoard any of those white rolls. Our cabinets usually have an ample supply both upstairs and downstairs. It amazed me that people were actually emptying the stores of toilet paper.

Yesterday, I got a phone call from my sister-in-law. Ginny asked if I needed any canned cat food. She was heading into Dollar General in Black Creek, where I usually bought the cheapest canned cat food I found–it’s for the outside cats. They don’t get prime rib but with this added to dry food, they fill up and become fat and sassy.

I’ve been limiting their added canned food lately and they were not happy with the change in their diet. Now, I expect they will be happy with a little more of the canned food–not a lot, but a little. I mean they shouldn’t be so picky when begging at my door.

One can will cover a few meals

Ginny also wanted to know if I wanted anything else. “Do they have toilet paper?” I asked. “I can get along with what I have, but if they have any, get me a package.”

This was the surprise she brought me.

So the cats and I will continue on, thanks to my sister-in-law.

I hope everyone who can is staying safe at home. It’s the best place to be.

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Cruella the Cat

I have a furry friend hiding in my house. She is a cat. Her name is Cruella.

As a tiny kitten, Cruella was rescued when her mother abandoned her. For her early weeks, she was fed with a bottle. She should be the sweetest pet ever after all that special care. She is not

Cruella is crazy. That’s probably why her mother left her and took her siblings to another hiding place in the barn.

Cruella has fights with her tail. This video is just a small sample of her tail attacks. It’s difficult to catch her on video as I never know when she will have one of her tail issues. Here she’s watching her twitching tail. She growls at it around the 20-second mark. It’s not her biggest tail encounter, but just an example.

I tried embedding the video here and it just didn’t work.

Staying mostly to herself, Cruella avoids visitors. Son-in-law Andy came across her a couple of weeks ago. She was on my bed upstairs. For the first time ever, she didn’t run and hide. In fact, Cruella let Andy pet her–he was honored.

I hope the attached youtube video works for you.

BTW: Cruella sleeps with me every night. She purrs like crazy right by my head. Too bad she uses her claws to knead and wake me.

I’m going to try reading another old column later today, but first, before the rain, I’m going to take Sunny for a walk.

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