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A kitten tale

Don’t you wish you had Car-E’s energy. He plays hard and then he stops for a nap.

When Car-E is quiet he is a pleasure to hold, soft and sweet. But when he wakes, it is time to play!

Today I share another playful Car-E with you.

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Growing fast

Car-E hasn’t been here for long, only since early June. He came as a little bugger and has more than doubled in size.

In the beginning, I had a little kitten.

Car-E could be considered to be a teenager now.

Car-E with his kitten blue eyes.

It is difficult getting a photo of Car-E these days. Most are out of focus because he’s racing around the room. Only when he’s asleep can I keep him in focus.

That’s the update on Car-E for today. He makes life interesting.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserve

Need a little TP?

How can a little kitten get into so much mischief? Car-E always seems to be in trouble.

This day I came back into the house to find a trail of toilet paper out into the hallway. Car-E had been playing.

To keep the older cats happy, I gave Car-E his own room. It’s the small downstairs bathroom. Here he plays with his toys, eats, and sleeps. He also has his litter box there under the sink. Car-E likes his room and only has the door closed when his adventures get to be too much and he needs a timeout.

This day he was free to roam the house, but he found his way back to his room for some fun.

I could only laugh at his antics with the unrolled toilet paper roll. He had to jump for the tail to get it started, but he’s a cleaver one and went for the gold.

I took this video of him still having fun with his new, long white toy.

I hope you enjoy his antics and keep coming back to search for more videos of Car-E, and other things.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserve

Another Car-E video

I catch only a few of this kitten’s antics. Car-E is always into some mischief. For him it’s play first, or maybe food, and then sleep.

Car-E is soft and cuddly when he falls asleep in my arms.

But he can turn into a playful biting kitten in seconds after waking.

I think he has doubled in size since coming to leave with me.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserve

There are limits

Sunny is a very patient dog, but there are limits when it comes to Car-E the kitten.

In this video, Sunny seems to tolerate having Car-E close, but only for a few seconds.

When he had enough kitten closeness, Sunny just got up and left.

At least, this time Sunny didn’t bark. He’s not one to bark much, so when he does I notice (see me flinch), but Car-E never pays much attention to the dog’s comments.

The only one who isn’t accepting the kitten is our other cat, Cruella. When Car-E came close to her this morning, she hissed and ran upstairs–that friendship might take some time.

Just another day in my life…nothing earthshaking.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserve