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A very calm buggy horse

An Amish neighbor was riding down the road in her buggy when a line of canning company equipment went by. I didn’t think to video the huge machines, but I did get the last of the convoy. Notice that the horse attached to the buggy remained calm as the vehicles went by.

It was quite amazing to watch as the horse stood. My friend Sarah had hoped her neighbor would have turned into the driveway to get off the road, but that seemed unnecessary.

The well-trained horse did what it was supposed to do.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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An old mare gives birth at 22

Continuing with my visit to an Amish farm.

This mare doesn’t look her age. Not too long ago she came to live on my friends’ farm. She was a gift to their adult daughter. I don’t know more of the horse’s history.

I was surprised when I learned the age of this new mother. She was 22 years old when she gave birth to her first foal this past June. Both are doing great and are much loved.

Twenty-two-year old mare
her 2-month-old foal

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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Horses on an Amish farm

I visited my friends in Cambria on Monday, August 23, and took some photos of the animals on the farm–photographing the Amish is out of the question.

They are very proud of their horses, so I had no problem taking photos and videos of the horses. This team was harnessed to pull a hay rake. . Notice that they did not walk away even though they were not tethered. A little later, they calmly walked to stand by a hitching post. Soon after taking their photos were taken, they were put to work

I had a wonderful visit with my friends the Ottos. They treated me to lunch and we shared memories of Bob.

It took a bit of courage for me to take the 2+ hour trip to the Otto farm without Bob, but I’m happy I did. To make it less stressful, I didn’t go on Highway 41, but took a country route instead. The absence of the crazy highway traffic made for an easy drive and only added 15 minutes to my trip. I won’t wait so long to go to visit my friends again now that I found this peaceful route.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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Volume up

My early morning walk was accented by the call of cows and calves. They were trying to hurry their breakfast along as they do every morning.

The calm Saturday has a few twittering birds but little traffic, a perfect time for a walk.

Sunny came along for the walk today. Some days my aged canine companion doesn’t care to join me. I’ll take him out and he’ll do his business and then Sunny will sit down, refusing to move. Today walked. It was a good day for him and me.

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Darn those stubborn chickens

The storm clouds were rolling in and I continued to run around the yard.

Why? I continued to risk my life because I was trying to coax my four stupid hens to go inside their coop before the rain arrived.

I finally gave up and went into the house. I took this video from the porch as the chickens decided to get out of the rain.

This reminds me of an incident when I was a kid. The sky had turned green. Tornados were in the area and my mother was outside trying to get the goat in. I guess I take after my mother. We’d both be flying in the sky, holding onto our animals, as we flew to Oz.

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