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Poor spider plant

As I said, Car-E loves to play with anything. It could be a cat toy, or a pencil, or a dropped napkin.

Today, my kitten became playful with a plant.

The bigger house cats, Othello and Cruella, just chew on the spider plant. They do not play with it like Car-E.

He is a joy to watch.

I hope you enjoy his kitten antics, too. Too soon he’ll be lounging around the house like the older cats.

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Oh No!

Over the many years we lived in Wisconsin, Bob and I had to remove the bodies of animals that didn’t make it across the road.

Raccoons, rabbits, and groundhogs who miss judged their crossing had to be taken to the far reaches of the farm–the smell would be too much if we hadn’t done that.

Sadly, barn cats were often the victims of vehicles, too. Those were buried on the farm.

The other day, as I stepped out for my walk when I saw this.

Two black cats live here. Sadly, I was sure it was one of them.

I went back into the house for a plastic garbage bag so I could pick the body up–this was a job I didn’t want to do.

As I got closer, it changed shape. For a time it looked like a turkey wing.

Happily, it wasn’t a cat.

It wasn’t an animal at all.

It was a piece of a tire!

I was so relieved the remains were not from an animal, any animal.

The piece of tire came home with me and went into the garbage.

I then continued with my walk.

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A new mop

Car-E is very playful, which bothers Sunny the dog some. He also bothers the two old housecats that live here, too.

This video is Car-E playing with a headband I made from a length of T-shirt–which didn’t work the best for me.

Car-E grabbed hold of the white fabric and wouldn’t let go. Being a fluffy ball of fur, pulling him around the floor converted him into a mini-mop.

Everything is a toy to Car-E. Too bad he likes to race around the room and climb up my legs–that’s not a rash on my skin, it’s a bunch of little kitten nail holes….ouch!

Even with the nail issues, I love watching him play.

Mr. Peacock

I stopped by my friends’ farm the other day, the ShaBock Farm (usually a bed and breakfast but currently shut down for the virus).

One of my hens wanted to set, so I had to get her a couple of fertilized eggs from a flock with roosters.

As we visited in their yard, the ShaBock Farm peacock began strutting about.

I kept trying to get a photo of the peacock strutting his stuff, but every time I got close, he closed down his display.

I finally got close when he was displaying.

The farm peahens were not around. They were in the barn on their nests. This peacock was showing off for a chicken.

He’s a beauty but also a funny fellow.

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The dog and the kitten

I don’t think Sunny likes our new kitten too much. Whenever Car-E comes close, Sunny gets up and moves.

Sunny is suspicious of that ball of fuzz especially when Car-E is playing.

Once, I rolled one of Sunny’s old tennis balls across the floor for Car-E to play with. Sunny got up, walked across the kitchen, picked up the ball, and walked away–that dog hasn’t touched that ball in months. Sunny only wanted it because I rolled it to the kitten.

Luckily, Sunny isn’t mean. He won’t hurt Car-E. Sunny will just look sad because he’s not getting all my attention.

I’m sure they will eventually become best friends. Or at least Sunny will learn to tolerate his new housemate.

Poor, Sunny.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserve