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Today’s walk

In the spring, when I walked down my blacktop road, I rescued worms. These wiggly guys had left the ditch and headed across the road probably to their death. Either they would have been run over or dried out from being out in the sun.

Now the season has changed and I rarely find worms during my walk. These days I find another critter trying to cross the road.

The caterpillar might not dry up while crossing the road like a worm, but it sure can get run over.

I relocated this one back in nearby greenery.

I may not be able to save a lot of worms or caterpillars, but I think the ones I do are grateful. At least I hope they are.

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A Car-E lookalike

I fed the outside cats this morning and didn’t see anything unusual…until an hour later when I saw this.

This kitten is a Car-E double for sure, even the way it holds it curled tail.

It even plays like Car-E.

But it is not alone. It has 3 black siblings, though I haven’t gotten close enough to get their photo. Their black mother and their surrogate mother (Car-E’s mother) keep them well out of reach.

Anyone who wants a very cute furry friend is welcome to any of these kittens, as long as you are willing to help capture them.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

A bird’s eye view

On my drive home the other day, I spotted this bald eagle. Since I was on a quiet country road, I stopped to take this photo. I zoomed in as best I could, snapping a quick picture before I spooked it and it flew away.

I didn’t have to go anywhere for the next photo.

A couple of my hens came looking for me.

I think they learned how to beg at the window from the cats who often lurk by the same window when it’s close to feeding time.

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Watch out fish!

If Car-E had his way he’d be my the fish tank, swimming with my three fish. I can imagine that happening. A lot of splashing would have ensued with a very wet cat emerging.

(The fish are twenty-nine cent feeder fish. I don’t buy expensive fish anymore because they usually die.)

Five months ago, I started out with six feeder fish. I’m down to 3. Hopefully, they will live to see another day. Anyway, these can easily be replaced for a few pennies.

Car-E squeezed behind the tank. too, but I wasn’t fast enough to capture that image. I’ll try again when he returns to watch the fish again.

The kitten even tapped on the hood to see if there was a way inside the tank. Luckily, for all involved the top was secure.

Some house pets entertain others. Right now these fish are entertaining my kitten, Car-E and they all are entertaining me.

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Poor spider plant

As I said, Car-E loves to play with anything. It could be a cat toy, or a pencil, or a dropped napkin.

Today, my kitten became playful with a plant.

The bigger house cats, Othello and Cruella, just chew on the spider plant. They do not play with it like Car-E.

He is a joy to watch.

I hope you enjoy his kitten antics, too. Too soon he’ll be lounging around the house like the older cats.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserve