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Blah! When will winter end?

Some years our Wisconsin winter starts early and ends late. In 1986, I was sick and tired of winter.

Here’s what I wrote about winter in March 1986.

Spring looks like it’s just around the corner this March. Next week we expect 50 degree temperatures.

Still, things can revert to winter without much notice.

Don’t put away your winter things yet. If you do, you are tempting fate.

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A couple of skunk tails

I haven’t seen any skunks yet, or smelled any, but eventually they will be venturing out again.

One time Bob and I were driving our cart about 100 yards from the house when Bob stomped on the brakes. A mother skunk and three babies were crossing the road.

We didn’t say a word, or make any sudden movements, not wanting to disturb the little parade before us.

What I did notice was how beautiful that mother skunk looked. The wide white stripe down her back looked like she had been to the beauty shop.

Today I’m reading a column from 1987. At the end I remember my mother and an experience she had with a skunk.

Warning! Keep an eye out for skunks. You don’t want to end up writing about a stinky confrontation.

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Solomon had to divide Mom

Four children tried to pull this mother in many different directions.

There was never enough Mom to go around, especially when Dad was working. This 1987 column tells about one frustrated mother, me.

Friends told me how they often felt pulled apart, too.

It wasn’t easy being a mother in 1987. These days it might be even harder.

Here’s wishing all parents days when Solomon isn’t needed to divide you in two, or in three, or into more pieces.

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A virus from the past

This virus is from my distant past, so don’t get excited. I’m fine. Just reliving a time when I took care of a house filled with other people. Most of the time the germs missed me, but not this time.

Car-E gets very playful at the end of this recording, but I kept him on my lap anyway.

A little later, he was curled up by me, purring and being a sweetie.

One minute Car-E is Dr. Jekyll and the next he’s Mr. Hyde. Both keep me on my toes, especially when Mr. Hyde’s nibbling on them.

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A helpful Kitty — NOT!

I never know when Car-E decides he is ready to play. This short video is my cat trying to play with a mouse, my computer mouse.

Since I’m afraid of him chewing on cords, I connected with a cordless keyboard and a cordless mouse. Now all I have to do is watch that he doesn’t go for my charging cord.

I hope you enjoy Car-E’s silliness. He makes my life interesting.

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