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Mowing continues

A friend asked me to show another clip of mowing in a different section of the farmyard.

Here it is.

I turned another corner and now heading west around the shed.

The ferns along the shed are past their beautiful spring green. Fall is near at hand.

Our light-filled days are shortening fast.

Enjoy the nice days that are given to us.

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For many weeks, I’ve been taking sunset photos from my front porch.

Here’s one from September 10th.

I’m sad when clouds take away this view. The last few evenings, I’ve missed out on sunset photos.

The best I could get was one on Sunday, September 13th.

While out with my dog Sunny this morning I noticed the sunrise.

I grabbed this shot when I walked back into the yard.

Both of the last photos were orange because of the smoke drifting all the way to Wisconsin from California.

The wildfires are horrendous out west. Pray for the people, the wildlife, and the western states.

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I mowed lawn today. About half done before I took a break.

Not a bad job when using the zero-turn mower.

Trees are the only things that bother me when I’m mowing. Low branches sneak up on me and too often I have to duck.

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Today’s walk

In the spring, when I walked down my blacktop road, I rescued worms. These wiggly guys had left the ditch and headed across the road probably to their death. Either they would have been run over or dried out from being out in the sun.

Now the season has changed and I rarely find worms during my walk. These days I find another critter trying to cross the road.

The caterpillar might not dry up while crossing the road like a worm, but it sure can get run over.

I relocated this one back in nearby greenery.

I may not be able to save a lot of worms or caterpillars, but I think the ones I do are grateful. At least I hope they are.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved