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Cat comb review

I saw an ad for a soft cat comb and went ahead and bought one. It looked like it would do the trick for all the hair that comes off of Car-E.

Well it wasn’t as great as proclaimed.

The metal comb works best but costs a lot more. Soft plastic comb was about $6.50. The metal one I bought years ago. I paid between $10 to $15 for it.

The soft comb isn’t worth it for taking off cat hair, but works for massage.

I wouldn’t buy it again for my cats.

Thought you’d like to know.

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Mean old Mom again

Raising four through childhood was always interesting. I never knew who would have a meltdown next. This time it was seven-year-old Rachel.

Listen to this column from 1989 to learn what set daughter number two off.

If I hadn’t been writing my column, this incident would have been lost to time.

I hope family stories make it into your journals/diaries. They are worth perusing in later years.

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A very odd dream

I’ve had crazy dreams in my life, but this was one of the craziest.

It was so different, I saw fit to write about it in a column in 1988. You’ll have to listen to see who was the star of my dream.

I bet you couldn’t guess that one. It’s so off beat and even I wonder where that came from.

Wishing you good dreams and no nightmares.

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The creature comes to life

Our home on Gardner Road wasn’t far from Black Creek. During much of the year, it was a fun play area for all children. Listen to my account of one spring adventure.

I was also drawn to this creek. It refreshed memories of my childhood living next to a swamp.

Once in high school, we were supposed to bring a sample of pond water to examine under a microscope. I brought a vile of water from the swamp. My cousin George asked me what I had in the bottle. “Swamp water,” I said. Immediately, George started calling me Swamp Water Sue. Such a great nickname. Thanks, George.

In biology class, I found a minuscule creature wiggling in the droplet set up on my microscope. The teacher didn’t know what it was. Later, I found a photo in a book of a mosquito larva, which is what it was. I found it odd that the teacher didn’t recognize it.

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Down the lane

I had a great video of hundreds of geese flying away but it wouldn’t download. Today the geese took off before I was close enough for a good video, but other birds hung around.

Turn up volume to hear the sounds of spring on Sunnybook Farm.

It was a good walk and I managed to get back to the house with only a few raindrops hitting me.

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