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Not just any ditch daisy

I’ve been on the lookout for ditch daisies to pop out along our road.

Bob would mow around them for me. He knew how much I like them.

Every year, I’ve broadcast some of the seeds around the farm. Too bad my efforts never took hold in my flower garden.

Still, some had to survive. Today I found a patch of long ditch grass dotted with daisies.

These are a gift for me from Bob.

Bob would have mowed that deep ditch. It is too high for me and any of my helpers.

I feel blessed to have found these today.

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Spring continues no matter what we humans are doing or not doing.

Our pear trees are filled with blossoms from top to bottom. It looks like my pear harvest will be a great one. So remember me in the fall if you want some.

pear tree

The apple trees are far from their full bloom.

The pear trees are in the background and the branch to the left is from one of the old apple trees. Its blossoms are just starting to open.

If all goes well, fall will mean a lot of fruit. And as I said I’m willing to share as long as you’re willing to pick.

The seasons will continue. Let’s hope that there are many, many people here to appreciate the changes and the bounty nature provides us.

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Winter Survivors

I just set out pots of geraniums that I saved from last year. All winter long these plants rested in the basement.

In their own time, without my help, two geraniums started showing signs of growth.

They are now getting green by the day, though they have a long way to go.

Others are not–I’m still giving this one a chance to have a rebirth.

I hope to see many more flowers as the weather warms.

I have faith that these geraniums will decorate my flower garden for months to come….at least I hope so.

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The rescue

It was time to take Sunny for a walk this morning. I hadn’t planned to go far. But ended up walking for 30 minutes.

Along the way, I noticed a few worms had wiggled onto the shoulder of the road. They were covered with bits of gravel and soon would die.

I picked up one and deposited it back in the grassy ditch, not where it would drown, but where it could clean itself of the gravel and not get smashed on the road.

During my walk, I rescued 6 worms. It’s nothing earthshaking, except for those worms.

There are so many others in our world today who are real rescuers. I honor them all.

Still, doing my part this morning made me feel useful, if only to a half-dozen worms.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved