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A fishy gift

If you listen to this video you’ll soon find out what I bought for myself.

It only cost $7 so don’t think diamonds, for that matter, don’t ever think diamonds when it comes to me.

So now you know how I’ll spend part of my summer.

I expect to have fun with grandchildren. It’s about time we all get together again.

Wishing you a fishy gift, too.

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Walking the farm lane

Rebecca, Sunny dog, and I went for a walk down the farm lane yesterday. We didn’t plan for mud. We should have.

It was a great day to be outside.

I debated about posting this video of me limping. It’s not the best look. My excuse is that I was getting tired and my shoes had a heavy layer of mud attached.

Next time we’ll bring the cart out and hope not to get stuck in the mud.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserve

A different perspective

It’s winter, but I’m daydreaming of spring.

Even on a white, snowy day, I can close my eyes and think about the green things that will come. Spring is only 68 days away, coming on March 20, 2021.

Today, I’m not remembering the greens of spring, but an insect that also conjured up dreams of warmer days.

We had a large fish tank then that held a few goldfish large enough to gulp down a fly. My three little fish today wouldn’t be able to do this. They survive on flakes, which they gobble.

Car-E the cat was chasing a faux ladybug beetle the other day. That bug entertained him for a while. I didn’t squash it. Sending it to bug heaven didn’t seem right. It seems that even tiny critters are safe here, at least for the time being.

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A look around

I found beauty in my back-backyard today. This is where my family has camped on Sunnybook Farm.

Just two quick views of the farm on a cloudy day.

There are no other human footprints but mine in this section of the yard. Most footprints around belong to the cats, maybe a few came from raccoons or opossums.

Nature surrounds me.

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A frosty morning on the farm

Usually, I get up looking for a bright sunrise. If I’m lucky I can snap a colorful photo to post on Facebook.

The first days of January 2021 have been foggy/cloudy meaning no pretty sunrise photos.

Daughter Rebecca said I should take a photo today just the same. Instead I took these two short videos.

front yard

The frost covered everything so walking was slippery. I took my time as I do every time I go outside during the winter.

Today make sure you watch your step as you enjoy the view of the frosty landscape.

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