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Getting and giving change

I’ve been taught that it is not polite to accept change and count it in front of the person who handed it to you. This works most of the time. I find people are mostly honest.

When I handed someone money for an item yesterday, I expected fifty cents in change. These were the coins I got. One is a quarter. One is not.

I didn’t notice the difference until I got home and one felt lighter. That’s when I saw that the one on the left was not a quarter. It even has a hole in the top where someone once had it on a chain or something.

Maybe it was an honest mistake. Maybe they just got it in change themselves. I’m just happy that it was only a quarter. It’s not much of a loss.

I will not pass this coin on to someone else. It will stay here.

From now on, I’ll check my change when finalizing a sale…but probably not. I prefer to think of people as honest.

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A time to work

Bob started tearing down the back entrance shelter to our back door without telling me what he was doing this morning–I was at my computer working on my next column. Eventually, I figured out he needed an extra pair of hands.

Working together is something we continue to do. These days, Bob can’t bend low, but I can. He can’t tip his head back to see high spots, but I can. I’m also able to pick up things he drops before he goes for his grabber.

This entrance had been built 40 years ago and had deteriorated. Bob’s plan was to take down some of the rotten parts and replace them with new treated lumber and that is what we did.

Bob used the back of his truck as his workbench.

I came in handy when we attached the wood at ground level.

Bob could easily reach what he needed at the tailgate level.

It got too hot to work so we didn’t finish completely, but at least we could close the gate again when we left this project today.

When we went into our cool house Bob smiled and said, “It’s good to know that we can do something for ourselves again.” (He hates to ask for help, even from me.)

Copyright © 2019 Susan Manzke, All rights reserved

A weighty topic

Most of my adult life I’ve battled my weight. I’ve tried all kinds of diets. Some worked a little, but I couldn’t stick to any. Now I found something that works for me. It’s called intermittent fasting or the 5/2 diet.

Here’s what I do (other people may do it a little different). Two days a week, usually Monday and Thursday, I only eat 500 calories. The other five days I eat a normal diet.

Today I’m fasting. I had a cup of tea and 1/2 a serving of oatmeal for breakfast with a couple of raspberries. At lunch, I made an egg with some green pepper. Supper will be a can of tuna with lettuce–no special sauce. Tomorrow I’ll have toast for breakfast and who knows the rest of the day. I won’t be fasting then.

The Fast Diet book by Dr. Michael Mosley

Yes, fasting can be a pain, but I always figure I can get through one day. It’s like fasting before a medical test. Survivable.

I don’t fuss with my meals when fasting. Why bother for 500 calories. Bob eats leftovers those days, so I just microwave his food and he’s fine.

One great thing about the 5/2 diet is that if I have lunch out with friends, I can always switch my fasting day. Like instead of Thursday, I do Friday.

Yes, I have failed. When my husband was sick and didn’t feel like eating, we tempted him with all kinds of goodies. I did not stick to fasting then. Now I’m trying to lose the pounds I gained over those winter months.

Right now I’m going to go to the kitchen for some ice water. There’s no limit on calorie-free drinks when fasting. Of course, that means more trips to the bathroom.

A new adventure

I’m not writing much tonight as I am tired.

Bob and I exhibited for the first time at a Farmer’s Market today.

Even though sales were slow–okay, non-existent, we will go again next week to the Seymour Farmer’s Market and every Tuesday through August because we had fun. We saw lots of people and met up with old friends.

My next column will give the complete story, so stay tuned.

Susan under canopy, ducking showers….photo by Bob

Blow is at its end. Now, I’m ready to put my feet up.

Words with the telephone company

We didn’t even realize our landline phone was out until our daughter Rebecca called me on my cell while I was at the grocery store. She was wondering what was wrong at home since all she got was a busy signal.

Nothing was wrong that we knew of.

When I got home the landline was working again, but our Internet was out. The recorded message said it would return at 2 pm–our Internet is DSL.

We couldn’t get any of our computers to connect to the Internet for hours. Even Alexa wasn’t talking to us. When it was time for Bob’s medicine alarm. Alexa sounded, but she wouldn’t shut off. I had to unplug her. Her Internet connection wasn’t working either–I never thought of her.

Finally, Bob’s desk computer started connecting, but nothing else would. In the end, I had to pull our modem’s plug and wait a minute. Only after that, did anything connect remotely.

Odd how we forget how life was before modern computers and the Internet. I send my columns to the paper via email. I communicate with friends on Facebook. Bob checks for sales on his computer and we both check the weather forecast there, too.

Susan makes connections via landline and Internet.

Now you know why my daily blog is late.

I prefer being connected, even if summer happenings keep me away from my desk most days.