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The straw and the strawberry

I heard that a straw could be used to push out the stem of a strawberry.

I finally tried this.

I poked the straw up from the bottom end of the strawberry, through the fruit. The stem is pushed out.

This what happens to the strawberry. A hole in the strawberry is left after the center and stem is removed.

Quite satisfying to do.

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New toy

I used to ask Bob to take a picture when I needed extra hands. He was always accommodating, though he had a heavy finger and often ended up with 20 snaps when he was trying to get only one.

Now I need to take my own photos. I have a tripod for my camera, but I wanted one for my phone.

This is what I bought.

I took this photo with my camera. You can see me on the screen.

The tripod came with a Bluetooth clicker so I can activate the phone camera while I’m standing away.

This was photo was taken with my cell phone on the tripod. I used the Bluetooth to snap it and got 100 photos! I guess Bob wasn’t the only one with a heavy finger.

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The rescue

It was time to take Sunny for a walk this morning. I hadn’t planned to go far. But ended up walking for 30 minutes.

Along the way, I noticed a few worms had wiggled onto the shoulder of the road. They were covered with bits of gravel and soon would die.

I picked up one and deposited it back in the grassy ditch, not where it would drown, but where it could clean itself of the gravel and not get smashed on the road.

During my walk, I rescued 6 worms. It’s nothing earthshaking, except for those worms.

There are so many others in our world today who are real rescuers. I honor them all.

Still, doing my part this morning made me feel useful, if only to a half-dozen worms.

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Showing signs of life

Russell asked me if I had gotten the cart going. When he first asked, I hadn’t even tried turning the key to our maintenance golf cart. Well, yesterday I turned the key.

There was nothing. No buzz, no gage movement, not a flicker of light. The directional signal had been on all winter, sucking power.

The battery was drained. It was time for a charger.

I took my time connecting the charger to the terminals. First, I made sure which was positive and which was the ground. Once the positive and negative signs were visible it was easy to snap on the charger clamps.

After a couple of hours charging this old battery, the cart did buzz. After a few more hours, it almost acted like it wanted to start–that made me happy but not excited.

I’m still scratching my head, trying to get it to pop.

What I think is the best thing to do now is to get a new battery.

The new addition will come in the near future, but until then I’ll keep trying to encourage the cart to roll again.

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Finally in the mail

I write every day on my blog, but writing individual letters seems like a lot of work for me. I’ve found a solution.

After digging through a box, I found a bunch of postcards Bob and I had gathered over the years. The oldest is from our honeymoon in 1973 when we stopped at the Arch on our way home.

Anyway, I used these cards the other day to write short notes to people–the space limits what I can write and if the cards are small enough, they only cost 35 cents to send.

Anyway, now a few people will find a little greeting in their mail that isn’t a bill, an advertisement, or political.

Postcards were first purchased as a

I hope they enjoy my efforts.

I even sent some to grandchildren. Of course, they like to get mail, too.

This is nothing earthshaking, but it is an idea of how to use those vacation postcards that never got mailed. Postcard souvenirs will now brighten up someone else’s day. 

If your vacation souvenirs are postcards like mine, maybe it’s time to send them winging on to a mailbox. You’ll brighten someone’s day, I guarantee.

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