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Trimming trees

No, I’m not trimming any trees.

Two weeks ago WPS notified me that they would be cutting trees close to the electric lines by Sunnybook Farm. Well, they showed up today.

I went and took a photo last week of the trees before the trimming.

before the trimming branches surround the electric lines

I was worried about these trees getting tangled with the electric lines and causing all kinds of problems.

There were a lot of branches that needed removing.
The biggest one was the basswood … after its trim

Now, after all the branch trimming, I feel better. Hopefully, a wind storm won’t knock out electricity on Sunnybook Farm

This is a good thing. Only professionals should cut near electric lines.

Still, I would love to take a ride in that bucket that goes so high in the air. It would be great for picking apples in the fall.

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What day is it?

I’m home alone. Most days are the same for me. My chores are the same. Even my phone calls are the same, “Yes, I’m still home and I’m okay. How is it at your home? ….. The same, huh…..”

It’s hard to tell what day it is. I’m not going to Sunday church, though I did set a timer to tell me that mass will be broadcast at 10:30. But often I have to think, “What day is it?” “Monday? …… Wednesday? …. or what?”

Another reminder for me is the due date for my column, but I really have to think about that so I have something written and ready to go to my editor.

People who take pills daily have a reminder at their fingertips. It’s called a pill organizer. Sometimes this is the only reminder I have, but it does work…

As long as I remember to take my pills.

I’m counting the days of confinement. Today is number 14 for me….I think

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Official Absentee Ballot

I usually work the election polls, but I bowed out from these duties and asked for a paper absentee ballot.

I received my paper ballot yesterday and only opened the envelope today. It looked as I expected. I was ready to fill it out and send it back to our township clerk. That’s when I stumbled across a problem.

The envelope has highlighted places for signatures. Yes, I said signatures with an S. I was to sign and have someone sign as a witness to my signature.

I was flummoxed. Who would witness my signature? If Bob was around, we would have witnessed each other. Now I only had the dog. Somehow I don’t think his paw print would suffice.

While I was contemplating this dilemma, I got a phone call from daughter Rebecca. I told her about the situation. Rebecca said to take my sealed ballot to the drive-up window at the bank. The clerk at the window can be my witness–they also have notary public services the same way.

Tomorrow I’ll take a drive to Nicolet Bank in Seymour. They know me there and should be able to be my witness.

Thank you, Rebecca.

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I couldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it for my self.

The shelves at the store were empty, even in Seymour!

I wasn’t in dire need, but I was concerned that none were left for the rest of us.

But then I found out it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Only toilet paper had been swept off the shelves.

Chocolate could still be found in all stores.

I will survive to eat chocolate another day.

(I understand all the hand sanitizers being bought up, but I really don’t understand the reason for the toilet paper hoarding.)

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Something new and something/someone old

Today I went to the new coffee shop, JSA Coffee Roasters, 406 N Main St, Seymour. There I met an old friend, Jane.

We sat and sipped on our drinks, catching up for about two hours.

My drink of choice was a hot chocolatey coffee. Jane had an extra-strong coffee on ice.

My yummy coffee
Freshly roasted coffee packaged for sale
Besides coffee, there are plenty of teas to chose from.
These coffee pods came home with me so I can do a personal tasting and see what I like best.

There are many flavors of coffee and teas to drink. I’ll try one of my pods soon and keep notes on which flavor I like best.

Meeting an old friend at a new coffee shop was a good thing to do on a gloomy/rainy day. Both made me smile.

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