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Today’s walk

In the spring, when I walked down my blacktop road, I rescued worms. These wiggly guys had left the ditch and headed across the road probably to their death. Either they would have been run over or dried out from being out in the sun.

Now the season has changed and I rarely find worms during my walk. These days I find another critter trying to cross the road.

The caterpillar might not dry up while crossing the road like a worm, but it sure can get run over.

I relocated this one back in nearby greenery.

I may not be able to save a lot of worms or caterpillars, but I think the ones I do are grateful. At least I hope they are.

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Car-E and my Cuckoo clock

I usually have the chains from my cuckoo clock tucked up by the oven. Today, I opened the oven and Car-E noticed the chains were down.

I picked up my camera and thought I’d get a cute video. Instead, I almost lost my clock.

Luckily there was no damage.

Car-E certainly makes life interesting.

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The picnic table saga ends!

My August 17th blog began: On August 2, I ordered a folding picnic table (Store name withheld at this point). It was to be delivered on the 8th, and then the 12, and then 13th….. Finally, it was to come today, the 17th, between 10 and 12.

A huge box arrived that day, but it wasn’t my picnic table. It was a heavy table top.

I struggled to get that tabletop back in the box. The store arranged to have it picked up on August 24th.

Again I was told my ordered picnic table was on the way, to arrive on Thursday, August 27th, which it didn’t. Instead, my children gifted me a picnic table for my birthday on the 29th.

On Tuesday, September 1, my ordered folding picnic table arrived!

No assembly was required, only unfolding.

It is smaller than the gifted picnic table in the photo background, as I expected. When I am mowing lawn I’ll be able to easily move it–the gift table is easy to move, too, unlike both old wood tables we’ve been using for many, many years.

I can now relax and thank Lowes for fixing the situation with the wrong table and getting the correct picnic table to me before the snow flies. I will be using it all fall and then easily fold it away for winter.

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A little goodwill

I was in Sissy’s Treats and Treasures in Seymour when I looked out the door. I saw something that attracted my attention, a big red and black bug.

I’ve heard of people making painted rocks and setting them out for others to discover, but this is the first one I’ve found.

On the back it read:

It says: take a picture and post on Facebook — GBW Rocks — Keep or re-hide — Please enjoy! — The Wiliing Family 🙂

I still have the rock bug, but I plan on leaving it for someone else to find soon..

Maybe it will make someone else’s day as it did mine.

I just remembered another rock I was given about six years ago.

Grandson, Eli had made it for me early in his reading and writing career.

To photograph it, I went to my jewelry box and found it. — Yes, I kept it all these years. Grandmas cherish little gifts like this.

Set up this as my last photo so it will show up on Facebook as per request on back of rock.

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With a little help from my friend

I had scraps leftover from making pillows from Bob’s shirts. Some of the bits were big enough to use in other ways so I set to work cutting the pieces.

Car-E thought the pieces dangling from my hand were there for him and he started attacking the material and me.

This clip doesn’t do his antics justice.

I couldn’t cut while he was leaping up at me. Videoing just didn’t work either.

Yet, I thought this crazy cat’s antics were worth sharing today.

I still have more shirt pieces to work on, but when I do I’ll lock Car-E in another room.

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