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Work is what Bob knows

Over the winter, when Bob was very sick, he wanted to be able to work again. He didn’t like sitting around, watching television. It was his dream to get outside and get his hands dirty.

Now that Bob is feeling much better, he’s out in the yard mowing lawn and finding any kind of work that will get his hands dirty.

Bob making sure culvert drains into the ditch again.
After getting the water running, Bob whacked some weeds.

Bob said that once the water drains from the culvert, the barn cats can use it to walk across the road again–he hates seeing the cats cross the blacktop. They never look both ways.

I can hardly keep up with Bob. He’s a workaholic and always will be one.

Got to love the guy.

Father and son and son

We had three generations this weekend here when Russell and Harrison visited this weekend.

Harrison, Russell, and Bob

I was there, too.

A tripod and timer worked so we could take this photo together.
Russell and Harrison discover a treasure trove in grandma’s attic.

To Russell’s amazement, he found a stash of his old toy Transformers that had been packed away for years. He and Harrison had fun transforming the toys from Daddy’s childhood.

Harrison and Russell’s visit included cart rides, paper airplanes, and SNAPS.

Times go fast when we all were having fun.

Splashing around

Today, Russell and Harrison came for an overnight visit.

It’s hot so a trip to Seymour’s new splash pad at Recknagel Park was in order. Of course, Grandpa Bob and I tagged along.

Harrison started with a drink of cool water.

Grandpa and Grandma sat on a bench in the shade as Daddy and son went on the playground equipment. Next was the splash pad.

A lot of cool water to splash in.

I did walk onto the splash pad, too. The water was refreshing, meaning cold for me.

Daddy Russ watches as Harrison checks out a water spider.

I recommend this park for children of all ages. It is especially great for younger kids.

All I could think about while I watched Harrison and other children playing in the water is this would have been great when our children were little. Now that it’s here it will be used by our visiting grandchildren.

It’s worth the trip to Seymour.

A Fourth of July celebration

It is quiet on the farm, yet we did celebrate.

Rebecca and Andy came over with a new charcoal grill. It was still in the box so they had to assemble it, well Andy did.

The grill box is opened and the assembly begins

The grill was quite a project. Bob and I didn’t help, except by getting a couple tools.

After an hour, or so, Andy had it together.

the first fire is lit

It wasn’t long before brats and burgers were roasting over the fire.

Yum, soon lunch was ready.

We ate and visited. It was a successful celebration on Sunnybook Farm.

I forgot to mention, since the fire was still hot, I brought out a roast and put it over the coals, too. We’ll have plenty of leftovers.

An extra summer treat

It is a season for melons. Most are coming from the south, as they started growing earlier than here in Wisconsin. Today, I was thumping some watermelon at the grocery store looking for a tasty one.

After bringing the melon home, I sliced it into bits for Bob and me.

Watermelon ready for sharing.

The extra treat came when I took the rind out for our chickens.

chickens enjoying their treat

The melon was seedless, so there were no seeds to spit, yet it was enjoyed by all.