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A new mop

Car-E is very playful, which bothers Sunny the dog some. He also bothers the two old housecats that live here, too.

This video is Car-E playing with a headband I made from a length of T-shirt–which didn’t work the best for me.

Car-E grabbed hold of the white fabric and wouldn’t let go. Being a fluffy ball of fur, pulling him around the floor converted him into a mini-mop.

Everything is a toy to Car-E. Too bad he likes to race around the room and climb up my legs–that’s not a rash on my skin, it’s a bunch of little kitten nail holes….ouch!

Even with the nail issues, I love watching him play.

Fast flyer

I filmed a short video of this hummingbird before, but I had trouble getting a still photo.

This is what I was able to get today.

This bird is so fast I usually end up with empty air when snapping a photo.

It’s here and then it’s gone.

I’ll probably try again and see if I can get better coloring. The bright green just doesn’t show up well in this photo.

Still, I’m happy I finally got a shot. I hope I didn’t disturb its breakfast.

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Not just any ditch daisy

I’ve been on the lookout for ditch daisies to pop out along our road.

Bob would mow around them for me. He knew how much I like them.

Every year, I’ve broadcast some of the seeds around the farm. Too bad my efforts never took hold in my flower garden.

Still, some had to survive. Today I found a patch of long ditch grass dotted with daisies.

These are a gift for me from Bob.

Bob would have mowed that deep ditch. It is too high for me and any of my helpers.

I feel blessed to have found these today.

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Four-footed helper

Sunny is shedding again. I got out the mop to pick up his hair from the floor. Little Car-E decided to help.

With help like this, I don’t know how I will get anything done.

But it sure was fun letting Car-E play with the mop.

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Mr. Peacock

I stopped by my friends’ farm the other day, the ShaBock Farm (usually a bed and breakfast but currently shut down for the virus).

One of my hens wanted to set, so I had to get her a couple of fertilized eggs from a flock with roosters.

As we visited in their yard, the ShaBock Farm peacock began strutting about.

I kept trying to get a photo of the peacock strutting his stuff, but every time I got close, he closed down his display.

I finally got close when he was displaying.

The farm peahens were not around. They were in the barn on their nests. This peacock was showing off for a chicken.

He’s a beauty but also a funny fellow.

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