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Another Torment

The noise was driving me crazy. It wasn’t loud, just annoying.

Listen as I read a column 1986 when a critter invade our house.

It’s nature’s way of getting ready for winter to send critters inside a farmhouse.

Don’t be embarrassed if this happens to you. I wasn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t have written about it.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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The hum isn’t the mower

Mowing Sunnybook Farm’s large lawn is enough work. Too bad buzzing biters make it even more of a challenge today.

Every time I got near a bush or tree, mosquitoes swarmed out around me, making my driving shaky at times, as you can see in this video.

The mosquitoes have multiplied and gone crazy.

I swat. I slap. I wave my hands, but nothing I do perturbs them.

They land on my arms. They land on my legs. They circle my head.

I drive my mower faster, out into the open, into the sunlight. For a time I’ve left them behind. But I have to return to the shade and there the war with those bloodsuckers continues.

Campers would be eaten alive.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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Backyard spinners

Just a quick peek at the spinners in my backyard.

Warning: if they are spinning fast, don’t get too close.

Only on a calm day can I oil spinners and stop their squeaking.

The windchime has been known to annoy visitors. On those days, the clanker is wound around them so no chimes sound.

I’m so used to all the noises coming from my decorations, I don’t notice the sounds at all.

As it has gotten calm now, I think it’s time to squirt a little oil on the spinners.

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An early morning shower

It wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing.

Total of the showers that came here today was 1/10 of an inch of rain.

Tiny bits of hail fell but luckily it was not a problem here. Others weren’t so lucky.

This rain will soon burn off, as we are so dry. Still, it is better than nothing.

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