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Last year, Bob sat where I am sitting as I write today. I’m at his seat at our kitchen table, looking out the window.

Our land renters are here today, starting to combine their corn from Sunnybook Farm.

This makes me sad as Bob watched as soon as they came in fall 2019 until dark. No, that’s wrong. Bob watched their lights moving across our fields after dark. It was the first year Bob hadn’t farmed.

He went outside and took our cart into the field to get a better look at the work, visiting with one or more of the Maass family as they worked.

This photo was taken earlier in 2019. Bob watched that summer as our sons and sons-in-law cleaned up a fallen tree from the cornfield after a storm.

It is good seeing the work getting done. I’m sure Bob is watching with me.

Okay that’s enough for today.

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Harvest dreams

This 2008 column is about a big combine breakdown. It took another farmer stopping by to notice the problem.

Below is my reading of Harvest Dreams–it could also be named Harvest nightmares.

The combine problem wasn’t resolved this day. Parts for the old machine were hard to find.

Come back tomorrow for the outcome of Harvest Dreams

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Bob, a farming magician

My late husband always amazed me with the creative ways he solved breakdown problems. Bob could steal a piece of an old machine add it to another machine and get it going again.

Here is a column I wrote about his farming magic tricks.

Now when things break around the house I think what would Bob do?

Sometimes I can figure things out. Other problems I need help from family or friends. Such is life.

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A ringing doorbell makes mother dingy

This account was from fall 1982. Bob installed a doorbell because if someone knocked on the porch door we’d never hear them. A few visitors then walked away.

Of course, family didn’t need the bell. They just walked in.

Russell was almost three when he figured out how to reach the button for the bell. He loved that when he pushed it Mommy would show up and give him what he wanted.

This recording is what I wrote in my column all those years ago.

Today, there’s a doorbell on my backdoor, but no one uses it. People knock and expect me to hear their rapping. I don’t.

My real doorbell is my dog Sunny. If he notices knocking he goes toward the door.

If Sunny is sleeping deeply, he doesn’t hear anything, which is too bad for a passing salesman, but good for me.

So if you come knocking, remember there’s a bell. It really gets my attention. I usually jump a foot when it is buzzed.

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Mowing continues

A friend asked me to show another clip of mowing in a different section of the farmyard.

Here it is.

I turned another corner and now heading west around the shed.

The ferns along the shed are past their beautiful spring green. Fall is near at hand.

Our light-filled days are shortening fast.

Enjoy the nice days that are given to us.

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