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Happy Spring!

It’s still March in Wisconsin, but officially spring is here. It arrived late last night, so this is the first full day of spring.

Other springs haven’t been so cold. Some years spring came too early and messed up the blooming of our apple and pear trees. The blossoms came and then came a frost. That was the year without fruit.

Today it snowed, but it will melt.

It’s hard to say what weather will come next, but no matter, you can’t do much about the weather.

We can look forward to better days. I’m positive those will come, too.

Patience is what we need.

Flowers from another first day of spring on Sunnybook Farm

Dance, even if in your living room. (Our dog Sunny thinks I’m crazy when I’m dancing around the kitchen, but that’s okay. I got him to move, too. He followed me around from room to room trying to get the treat I offered him, so he was dancing with me even if he didn’t know it.)

Have a good first day of spring.

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Chickens, free again!

It was such a nice afternoon, I decided it was time to let our chickens run free.

Three hens and two cats

Three hens came running out the door as soon as I swung it open. It took the other two a few more minutes before they joined their sisters.

There are no bugs to eat, but the girls had fun scratching around. They went near the wild bird feeders to peck at seeds that were dropped by the bluejays.

Near enough to the house now, but the next time I looked for them I couldn’t find them.

The hens probably went under a comfy bush that is in the backyard. They hid there last summer.

I expect they will head to roost as soon as the sun heads toward the horizon. At least, that’s their usual roosting schedule. I hope they stick to it.

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Where the wild things are

I’ve heard odd noises outside our house before, but last night really made me think.

First, two neighborhood Tomcats had a face-off. Their yowling on our front porch reminded me of the sound of howling coyotes but worse because it was on our front steps

This time there was no brawling, thank goodness–I hate it when fur flies.

I went out to shoo them away. At least they could take their argument elsewhere. (They are the two who haven’t been neutered yet, but I have an eye on them.)

A calm moment after supper – snapped a while back with critter cam.

Later, I was quietly writing on my laptop at the kitchen table. It was very dark outside–no moon. This time the noise from the porch was different. It was loud and scrapping. It made me catch my breath.

Then I realized what it was.

I turned on the outside light and saw two raccoons finishing up the cat food crumbs the cats had left. As they ate they moved the heavy old enamel meat trays I feed the cats on.

Another photo from my critter cam archives

The two raccoons looked up at me.

I walked away and let them finish.

The next time I looked, one was up on the birdfeeder, finishing the food there, too.

Yes, Sunnybook Farm is where the wild things are. If I have to go outside after dark, I make a lot of noise. The wild things scatter and don’t bother me.

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Returning deer

They came from a distance, but their movement caught my eye.

At first, I thought it might be turkeys. When I got out my binoculars, I found it wasn’t feathered friends, but furry ones.

The deer have shown up again on Sunnybook Farm.

The deer to the right looks like it has two heads.
Not two heads, but two deer.

I always appreciate it when deer move a bit closer to our farmyard. Our woods are about a mile off the road.

When I went to feed barn cats, I made a noise and the deer scattered.

It was nice to have them near, even for a little while.

I’ll have to keep my good camera on the ready so I can again zoom in on far-off wildlife. My phone camera is good for closer animals, but not those who keep their distance, like these whitetails.

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Early morning photo

I was sitting at the kitchen table when I noticed the moon yesterday morning.

Besides the moon, there were ground fog, frost, snow, and bits of sunshine.

I tried capturing the sight with the moon peeking through the branches of our red maple tree. Can you see it?

That is a mirror in the top right. Bob put it there so he could sit by the table and see if a car turned into our driveway.

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