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A look around

I found beauty in my back-backyard today. This is where my family has camped on Sunnybook Farm.

Just two quick views of the farm on a cloudy day.

There are no other human footprints but mine in this section of the yard. Most footprints around belong to the cats, maybe a few came from raccoons or opossums.

Nature surrounds me.

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A frosty morning on the farm

Usually, I get up looking for a bright sunrise. If I’m lucky I can snap a colorful photo to post on Facebook.

The first days of January 2021 have been foggy/cloudy meaning no pretty sunrise photos.

Daughter Rebecca said I should take a photo today just the same. Instead I took these two short videos.

front yard

The frost covered everything so walking was slippery. I took my time as I do every time I go outside during the winter.

Today make sure you watch your step as you enjoy the view of the frosty landscape.

Copyright 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

Weather alert

We’ve been reaching record high temperatures the last few days in Wisconsin. It was a great time to be outside without coats, hats, and mittens.

Well, November will soon be going back to normal, after a rainy day temps will head down to the 40s. Ugh.

This column was from 1985 and showed the cold changes predicted that November, too.

Such is life. Weather goes up and down. This is Wisconsin after all.

Hats and coats have not gone far. Soon I’ll be dressing in layers again and dreaming of spring 2021.

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Chickens having fun

I know I’m enjoying this beautiful, mild, and warm November week, so is my dog, Sunny and my chickens are, too.

After coyotes raided our yard and spirited away five hens, the leftovers haven’t ventured far from their coop. Today was different.

Though this isn’t far from their home coop, it is the farthest they have been away from the scantity of their roost.

I handed out grape treats. Only Bonnie comes to take food from my hand, but the others are thinking about getting closer to yummy bits held between my fingers.

I hope you can enjoy these last lovely days of fall, too,

Too soon we’ll be back to regular November weather.

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Another farmer prayer

Prayers on farms never seem to end. I’ve written about praying before and probably will again.

This one is from October 1983.

Weather wishes don’t change much. We farmers would love a perfect weather year, but that’s hard to come by. Still, we keep praying for one.

As I’ve said before, more prayers are sent heavenward from the seat of a tractor, combine, or in a barn than in a church. We pray where the action is, or isn’t. There’s no time to stop work and run to a church. A silent prayer anywhere gets to God just the same.

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