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From wet to windy

We had the opportunity to go to a Farmer’s Market for free this morning.

We left home under clouds. It started to rain about a mile from the Tractor Supply parking lot where we were to set up.

We waited an hour and after the rain stopped we set up our canopy alongside some other sellers.

There were a few shoppers but had hoped for more.

When the wind picked up we took down the canopy and sat by our tables hoping the wind wouldn’t tip them over and break my painted tiles.

At least it got us out of the house and we also got treated to lunch by Rebecca and Andy–thanks for the take-down help you too and for the yummy lunch. Glad we were close to your home.

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Country view

Our cart drives are limited these days down our farm lane. Water continues to block our lane for cart rides–don’t want to risk getting stuck–and corn height blocks much of the landscape view.

Last night we took Sunny for a short drive. Clouds threatened.

but a silver lining prevailed.

Still, we can’t see much of our neighborhood with corn growing so tall.

It’s more like a tunnel out there, but still a good ride just being with Bob, and Sunny, too.

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Biding my time

It was Farmer’s Market Tuesday again today–only two more left for our season. It rained when we were setting up so didn’t hall out everything. First set up one table, but left books in the car. Eventually, the rain stopped and we brought out my books for sale.

No more rain came, but a cold breeze buffeted our canopy. Bob and I put on sweatshirts.

I debated about using the port-o-potty but finally had to give in.

I know this one is well kept up, so didn’t worry about the smell. What I did worry about was dropping something down into the blue mixture below.

I took off my sunglasses and glasses. I took my keys, my purse, my phone and gave them to Bob along with any change in my pocket. My jacket I left behind. I wasn’t taking any chances.

Nothing was dropped and soon I was back at our booth reloading my pockets. Port-o-potties have their uses, but I always make mine a quick stop.

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Up, up, and away starts our day

Burger Fest has begun. Bob and I saw the beginnings when balloons took off from Seymour early this morning.

Since the hot air balloons went north we got a glimpse of them from our upper deck.

Bob watches as balloons are spotted above distant woods.

We watched them from a distance, but that was fine.

It was a lovely morning. Perfect for ballooning.

A zoomed-in photo

At 11 I’ll be at the parade with Rachel and her family.

Tonight is another glow. An exciting time in Seymour

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Seymour Glows Tonight!

It’s the 31st Annual Burger Fest in Seymour Wisconsin this weekend.

Tonight there will be a hot air balloon glow by Rockledge Park. This will also happen Saturday night. Here are a few photos I’ve taken of past events.

My effort at being creative as the balloons take shape.
Photographer Steve Kemp was in the fire truck basket taking photos from a different angle.
Come be part of the crowd.

Tomorrow is the 8 am Bun run and World’s largest Hamburger Parade at 11. And don’t forget the Ketchup slide at 4.

I’ll be helping in the museum in the afternoon on Saturday. Stop on in.

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