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Falling leaves

I looked out the window and saw a blizzard of leaves falling to the ground from the basswood tree.

Of course, when I brought out my camera, the leaves only trickled down.

In this short video you can hear the southerly wind blowing and cats circling my feet begging for food.

After taking this short video, I waited to see if another blizzard of leaves would flow. It didn’t so I went inside to start putting together food for all my critters–cats don’t talk with their mouths full.

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For many weeks, I’ve been taking sunset photos from my front porch.

Here’s one from September 10th.

I’m sad when clouds take away this view. The last few evenings, I’ve missed out on sunset photos.

The best I could get was one on Sunday, September 13th.

While out with my dog Sunny this morning I noticed the sunrise.

I grabbed this shot when I walked back into the yard.

Both of the last photos were orange because of the smoke drifting all the way to Wisconsin from California.

The wildfires are horrendous out west. Pray for the people, the wildlife, and the western states.

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Weather from a distance

Thunderstorm warnings were out for our area.

The sky above was clear.

In the distance to the north I saw this cloud.

When you are underneath such a cloud, you can not see it build above your head.

The sky darkened here. I could no longer see the building clouds.

Thunder rumbled.

A sprinkle came.

And went.

A nice shower would have been appreciated, but I’m happy the big storm didn’t materialize here.

I heard from family farther south that they did have winds blow through. Russ has one tree down. Friend, Joyce, has patio furniture blown about.

I hope all have survived the winds and weather.

Tomorrow should be a nice day.

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Taking measure

How much rain did you get?

It all depends on where you live and how you measure.

We have a rain gauge on Sunny’s pen. This day we had 3/4s of an inch.

Bob used to talk about his grandfather. In days gone by, they compared the amount of rain measured at their homes. No matter the storm, Grandpa always had more rain, even when he lived next door.

How could this be?

It was the way Bob’s grandfather measured. His rain gauge wasn’t like the Manzkes’.

This was Grandpa’s rain gauge…

…his wheelbarrow.

Of course, he always had more rain.

This method brought a measurement of 2 inches, not 3/4 inch. The day that I took these photos, the guages were about twenty feet apart.

Grandpa never saw the need for a calibrated rain gauge. He liked his wheelbarrow method, which he used all his life.

So, how do you measure the rain coming into your yard? Rain gauge? Wheelbarrow? Teacup?

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Lucky side of the storm

There was a winter weather warning last night. Sunnybook Farm was on the edge between the rain and the snow. We ended up with more rain, but we did get snow, about an inch.

From the upstairs window of the front yard

Some places to the northwest of Seymour got a lot more snow, ten to twelve inches. Luckily, that missed here.

the snow will melt soon

There’s no shoveling here.

Across the driveway

The worst part of the weather is the wicked wind. Good thing the chickens are fed and watered. I do not have to rush out to tend to them.

Old farm tales say that spring snow is good for the growing season. I don’t know what the people who got a foot of snow think about that, but somehow I believe they might debate the usefulness of spring snow.

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