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I should have known better

Some people write in their journals every day. I write every day, but not in a journal. Lately most of my writing has been in this blog.

This column even made me laugh when I came across it in my archives. I hope you enjoy it, too.

What have family members borrowed from you? Was it usable afterward?

I suggest you be suspicious of children’s borrowing requests.

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Gaslight — the experience

I’m having fun going over old columns. This particular one was fun to write.

Back in the day, I didn’t have to worry what my next column would be about. Our children and/or Bob would do something crazy during the week that turned into a column.

Here’s a fun one depicting family life on Sunnybook Farm.

I’m so happy I was able to save and share our stories.

All families have stories like this one. Our family wasn’t (isn’t) special. The only thing different was that I wrote about our adventures….and still do.

I encourage you to jot down a memory today. It doesn’t have to be long or perfect. Even a short memory will be a gift to your family.

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Six-year-old had a meltdown

The six-year-old in this column is my youngest daughter, Rachel. Her bad mood this day was never understood. She must have got up on the wrong side of the bed which would have hurt as the bed was against the wall.

As a youngster, Rachel was fun company, but this particular day wasn’t her best.

Maybe this was a forerunner for Rachel’s teen years. Those were a test for us all.

Lucky for everyone, Rachel survived the teens and is a wonderful adult and great company.

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With just a little imagination

I have been a writer/author for over 45 years. I’ve also been a speaker, centering my talks on saving family stories and/or how to use your imagination in fiction writing.

Since, like many writers, I’m an introvert and fear speaking in public. I’ve worked hard over the years to overcome this problem.

This column was written many years ago when I first began speaking.

I’ve learned how humor and fun can take hold of a crowd, no matter their age.

In the future, when the pandemic comes under control, I hope to be able to get out to visit schools and libraries again. I miss the face-to-face interactions.

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A nice fall rain

I don’t mind a fall rain, minus wind gusts, but I didn’t tell my husband that fact. Farmers who are in the midst of harvest do not like rain stopping their fieldwork.

This video is from early years of being a farmer and a farmer’s wife.

Today rain and wind even stopped my yardwork. I picked up a book and read instead of working outside. Of course, the yardwork is still out there. But at least I have an excuse for putting up my feet and reading.

Tomorrow I’ll see where the 35 MPH wind gusts took my leaves. Maybe the fields will gather them before I have to deal with the tree debris. I can always hope.

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