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Winter fun

I was in my thirties when I wrote this column about sledding with three of our children. Sledding had always been a favorite activity of mine, too bad age has put that fun on the back burner for me. Just walking out for the mail is enough of a challenge for me when things are slippery.

I believe Bob only went sledding once with us. Getting up from the ground and then walking back up the hill was too much for him and his joints. When he did join us he preferred watching the fun from the car.

Still, I yearn for a fun swoosh down a hill.

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National Hat Day!

Come celebrate National Hat Day with me today.

Watch as I model a few fun hats from my collection.

Maybe I’ll be able to meet people again in the future as I show off my hat collection at libraries and clubs.

I hope you had some fun watching my video today.

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A little winter fun

This column from February 1981 is about my first attempt at cross-country skiing. Fun, but falls had me floundering in the snow.

Too bad my knees don’t allow this kind of fun any more. Darn.

You can now hear my thoughts as I slid forward for the first time.

I enjoyed this activity for many years. Too bad Bob couldn’t join me. He tried once but his legs and feet couldn’t make the skis go strait. But at least he tried, just to please me.

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A new/old appliance

If you have an unheated enclosed porch, you have a refrigerator/freezer, depending on the winter weather. It has to be enclosed otherwise wild animals might raid it.

This column is an account of the time I used our porch as an extension of my refrigerator.

Our children didn’t raid the soup and stews that they found on the porch. It wasn’t until they discovered that I was cooling chocolate candies out there that the goodies became endangered–Bob liked to make a stop there, too, for a quick snack as he came into the house.

This winter, I’m using an unheated closet next to the porch as a beverage cooler. It works perfectly, too bad I don’t have a lot of company these days who would enjoy a perfectly cooled drink.

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Another cat?

The gift of flowers from Rachel was a substitute for another present, a cat.

Rachel thought that Car-E could use another playmate since Cruella hated when he wanted to play with her.

Lucky for me, Rachel didn’t bring me another cat. Here’s a little video with Car-E and my flowers.

A fun day, like today, can have simple things that make me smile.

I hope you have something that made you smile today, too.

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