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I hope you get a kick out of this archival column. It is timeless.

Poor Rachel. I don’t think she ever really understood what was happening.

Such a simple misunderstanding brought a lot of laughter to our house, except for Rachel.

Laughter is good medicine for anything that ails you. It picks up a person’s spirits even if not ailing.

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Actress for a day

Well, I wasn’t exactly an actress. I was an extra. I found out that the biggest part of a movie extra’s life is sitting and waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more.

That was the first of two days. The second, I took my children out of school so they could be in the movie Meet the Applegates, too.

Take them out of school?! Yes, I believe there are times that students learn more from rare experiences than working in school.

Here’s my account of being an extra.

If you watch Meet the Applegates and look for us, we are barely visible when the stars enter the back of the auditorium. At least I think one or two of my brood are visible. I’m seated, holding a sleeping Rachel, so not visible. It was a very long day.

I’m still glad my late friend, Colleen Sutherland suggested this experience all those years ago. Colleen was always one for a new adventure.

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I should have known better

Some people write in their journals every day. I write every day, but not in a journal. Lately most of my writing has been in this blog.

This column even made me laugh when I came across it in my archives. I hope you enjoy it, too.

What have family members borrowed from you? Was it usable afterward?

I suggest you be suspicious of children’s borrowing requests.

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A great noise

I was in the living room when I heard a great noise coming from the kitchen. All I could think was that my large kitten Car-E was getting into mischief again.

Of course, I was right. Car-E had turned over the dish drying rack and trapped himself in the sink.

Could he get out? I grabbed my camera to document another Car-E adventure.

Here’s that video.

Happily he escaped and happily the rack was empty and nothing was broken.

I have to watch what I leave on the counter. As I was putting my groceries away, Car-E grabbed a package of hotdog buns. In his play, he threw the bag on the floor, giving it to Sunny, my dog. Sunny took the bait and tried to eat the buns.

I got there just in time to rescue the buns.

Car-E has tossed other things down to Sunny. I think he wants to get the dog into trouble.

I can only wonder what kind of trouble Car-E will get into next.

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Gaslight — the experience

I’m having fun going over old columns. This particular one was fun to write.

Back in the day, I didn’t have to worry what my next column would be about. Our children and/or Bob would do something crazy during the week that turned into a column.

Here’s a fun one depicting family life on Sunnybook Farm.

I’m so happy I was able to save and share our stories.

All families have stories like this one. Our family wasn’t (isn’t) special. The only thing different was that I wrote about our adventures….and still do.

I encourage you to jot down a memory today. It doesn’t have to be long or perfect. Even a short memory will be a gift to your family.

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