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A fishy gift

If you listen to this video you’ll soon find out what I bought for myself.

It only cost $7 so don’t think diamonds, for that matter, don’t ever think diamonds when it comes to me.

So now you know how I’ll spend part of my summer.

I expect to have fun with grandchildren. It’s about time we all get together again.

Wishing you a fishy gift, too.

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Thump, thump, thump

The noise surprised me. Where was it coming from? I was the only one in the house, except for Sunny, Cruella, and Car-E.

It took me a minute to figure the unusual sound out.

Listen and hear what the bumping/thumping noise was.

Of course, you guessed it right away.

Little things like this unknown sound makes my life interesting.

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Grabbing for the gusto

Car-E has to be watched. Today he leaped up onto the table and grabbed a piece of bread still in its baggie. It had been meant for the chickens, but for this cat it was a play thing.

I wrestled the bread away and thought rightly that it was the plastic that Car-E wanted. I tried tossing it to him, but he ignored it. I then added it to this hanging toy and he went wild.

It isn’t much but this playful cat makes me smile. I hope he added something special to your day today, too.

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Listening to a six-year-old is fun

I’m glad my weekly column gave me an avenue to save family happenings, even little ones.

Rachel had a lot to say this day. In my April 1988 column, I luckily caught a few of her gems and put them in print.

Back in those days, the kids always did something that became the subject of one of my columns. If it wasn’t one of them, then Bob stepped up.

Life was always interesting.

Now it’s much quieter, but still interesting. Thank goodness for family, pets, and the Internet.

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A very short cat video

First Car-E knocked the cap off the counter. He was fast as I had just set it down.

He went crazy playing with it. He sped across the kitchen floor with great speed so I had a hard time capturing his silliness.

Car-E was here there and everywhere, but for a moment he paused and I was able to get this video.

When Car-E finished with his play I had to go searching for the cap. He had flipped it out of sight into a distant corner and I ended down on the floor so I could reach it.

It’s fun having a cat for company.

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