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Country view

Our cart drives are limited these days down our farm lane. Water continues to block our lane for cart rides–don’t want to risk getting stuck–and corn height blocks much of the landscape view.

Last night we took Sunny for a short drive. Clouds threatened.

but a silver lining prevailed.

Still, we can’t see much of our neighborhood with corn growing so tall.

It’s more like a tunnel out there, but still a good ride just being with Bob, and Sunny, too.

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Zucchini relish

I was given two extra-large zucchini to give to our chickens, but I only gave the chickens the inside seeds and scraps. I took the rest and ground it up today with onion and salt. It will sit overnight and tomorrow I will continue with the recipe when I will drain and rinse and drain this mixture and continue making my relish.

Today was enough work with washing up my food processor after using it to grind up the zucchini and onion.

I don’t can much these days. I only do a few things I like that I can’t get anywhere else. Zucchini relish is one of these things.

Now doesn’t that look tasty?

Of course, there’s cleanup. I have to admit some dishes were from our lunch.

The scrap cleanup will be done by the chickens.

When I blog next, I’ll include the complete recipe. Today is just a tease.

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Bob having fun

Because we still have water across our farm lane, it’s up to Bob to drive his tractor down to where our critter cam is set up.

There’s no place for me to ride with Bob unless I sit in the bucket.

Here’s one of our wildlife friends coming across the camera’s view.

The only bad part of checking on the camera is that mosquitoes come after Bob. He says if they were large enough to have their photos taken, they would fill the camera up fast.

Birthday bash

Well, it really wasn’t a bash, but it was a nice family gathering for our grandson Harrison’s fifth birthday.

The cousins that were at Russell and Cynthia’s house had a water balloon fight and slip-n-slide fun.

The rest of us ate and talked.

Harrison had all kinds of fun on Sunday. This was his third party: one with Mom and Dad on his day, one with school friends on Saturday, and finally with family on Sunday. What a lucky kid.

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Up, up, and away starts our day

Burger Fest has begun. Bob and I saw the beginnings when balloons took off from Seymour early this morning.

Since the hot air balloons went north we got a glimpse of them from our upper deck.

Bob watches as balloons are spotted above distant woods.

We watched them from a distance, but that was fine.

It was a lovely morning. Perfect for ballooning.

A zoomed-in photo

At 11 I’ll be at the parade with Rachel and her family.

Tonight is another glow. An exciting time in Seymour

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