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Outagamie County Fair 2023

I forgot to post this video this summer. FYI: the lambs are quite loud.

Many families came through this exhibit in July and enjoyed time with these farm animals.

Maybe next summer you can visit the Outagamie County Fair in Seymour, Wisconsin, too.

Until next time, that’s all there is from Sunnybook Farm.

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More about county fair entry

Friends convinced me to enter the open fair photography competition because they liked my sunset/sunrise photos. Can you guess which photos did not place? The collection of 4 X 6 sunrise/sunset photos. One 8 X 10 did get a fourth place, so all wasn’t bad.

At least the judge wasn’t impressed with images like this one. Still, I can’t complain, not after winning Grand Champion for my photo of Car-E. Also, a Car-E collection got first place in its category. And the judge admitted to having issues with cats, not their photos, just live cats in general.

If it wasn’t for my family, friends, and Facebook friends, I wouldn’t have entered at all.

Thank you all for your encouragement. You got me off my duff and pushed me to enter.

I’m already thinking about next year. Of course, now I know my competition and how good they are. It will be tough going, but there will be no success if I don’t enter.

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