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Chickens having fun

I know I’m enjoying this beautiful, mild, and warm November week, so is my dog, Sunny and my chickens are, too.

After coyotes raided our yard and spirited away five hens, the leftovers haven’t ventured far from their coop. Today was different.

Though this isn’t far from their home coop, it is the farthest they have been away from the scantity of their roost.

I handed out grape treats. Only Bonnie comes to take food from my hand, but the others are thinking about getting closer to yummy bits held between my fingers.

I hope you can enjoy these last lovely days of fall, too,

Too soon we’ll be back to regular November weather.

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A visitor to the farm

Sunny stopped before going into the backdoor. He had sensed something and looked up.

So did I.

This is what we saw.

Luckily, I had my phone in my pocket and could take these photos.

The third photo wasn’t worth saving as it only had part of the eagle’s wing as it flew away.

Seeing a bald eagle on Sunnybook Farm always seems magical–unless it is looking for a chicken dinner.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

A library that checks out skulls, furs, and mounted fish

This 2017 video starts with a library in Anchorage Alaska where you can really check out bones, mounted animals, and other preserved bits and pieces from wildlife.

I can see a teacher checking out native animals to display for his/her students, bringing nature into the classroom.

I can also see writers checking out the same conserved beasts and setting one up in his/her office as inspiration.

In this short video, you’ll see a snowy owl. I imagine that J K Rowling could have had that sitting in her office as she wrote about Hedwig.

I know libraries are more than books. Years ago, I checked out artwork to put on my walls before I filled my walls with my paintings and family photos. I have been in a library that offers patrons large cooking pots and tools for canning. They also had games and jigsaw puzzles to check out, too.

If I lived close to that Anchorage, Alaska library, I know I would be checking out interesting animal artifacts. If not for inspiration, I’d love having them around just to look and wonder at.

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Falling leaves

I looked out the window and saw a blizzard of leaves falling to the ground from the basswood tree.

Of course, when I brought out my camera, the leaves only trickled down.

In this short video you can hear the southerly wind blowing and cats circling my feet begging for food.

After taking this short video, I waited to see if another blizzard of leaves would flow. It didn’t so I went inside to start putting together food for all my critters–cats don’t talk with their mouths full.

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Introducing Cruella

About 14 years ago I rescued another kitten. Her mother walked away with 3 siblings and left Cruella behind. She was so small I had to bottle feed her

Cruella looking across the frozen landscape last winter.

Cruella received her name because she was wicked, biting and scratching. Even though lovingly tended to, she never became a friendly cat, except to Bob. She would search him out in the evening and sit on his chest.

She would also follow us upstairs at bedtime and reclaim her Bob pillow.

Most people never see Cruella. If someone does get a glimpse of her they feel honored.

Cruella lives upstairs, mainly sleeping on my bed. Today she surprised me.

She came down to the kitchen to try out the dog bed. It seemed to suit her so she stayed for an afternoon nap today.

At night, Cruella will join me in bed. It took her a while to honor me with her presence. She actually purrs as we both doze off to sleep.

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