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Cat at the window

Car-E almost seems gentle in this video, but if he had a chance to leap at the birds outside I’m sure he’d be more of a wildcat.

His voice was even quiet as he considers his prey.

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Thanks for the laugh

I’m sharing a card today that was sent to me by Patti.

It’s a Shoebox card and made me laugh.

Maybe you need a laugh today, too.

Thanks, Patti. It’s always great getting real mail, especially a funny card.

This really fits Car-E. He’s always looking for exercise.

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Car-E is in trouble again

I missed getting a photo of Car-E’s actions or the aftermath on the bathroom floor, but I did document another toilet paper fiasco.

Yes, I did rewind the toilet paper and will use it. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, except that it was unwound.

If company comes, I’ll set out a new roll. Right now, I have to reach into the cabinet for my TP as it is the only way to keep Car-E having another playtime in the bathroom.

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National Cat Day

Car-E when he was a sweet thing
A cat from the past, posted today because we are close to Halloween.
When the yowling starts, it’s probably these two tomcats.
Othello with his Halloween scowl.
Cruella can be a sweetie, but not always.
Car-E plays like a kitten but now he’s a big boy.

Having cats and a dog mean I have to get up in the morning, get dressed, and take care of them. Othello and Car-E sleep with me and mostly don’t fight for a prime spot. When they do fight, I cover my head and wait for calm to return. Thank goodness most of the night is peaceful.

I thought I’d give you photos of some of the cats of Sunnybook Farm for National Cat Day.

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Where is Car-E today?

I heard a tiny meow coming from the closet. I had just set a box inside, but something else had slipped inside, too.

Any time I open a door, Car-E wants to go through it. He’s been locked in other rooms and closets before and I’m sure he will race past me into other spaces in the future.

I’ve had to retrace my steps when looking for Car-E the other day. His voice is tiny unless he has issues with our other cats.

Car-E is a smart cat, but he can’t resist an opened door. Maybe he’s looking for Narnia.

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