Lights that brighten a winter

Northern lights are awesome, but you can’t always see them, especially if it’s cloudy.

These winter lights are different. Just take off your sweater in a dark room and they will capture your attention, too, especially if you then touch a light switch.

This 1987 column talks about the times our children zapped each other using these lights.

Sometimes after my cat leaves my lap, Car-E also leaves a charge of static electricity. I think we both get zapped at these then, which is not fun for either of us.

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Car-E is interested in the popper

I got my West Bend Stir Crazy electric popcorn popper out and attracted my cat’s attention. (Originally purchased a few years ago at Fleet Farm, Appleton, WI.)

I think Car-E would have liked it better if the top of the popper was off. If that happened he would have loved chasing the popped kernels.

I do love this popper but I don’t eat popcorn too much. Most of this batch went as a treat to my four hens.

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Tasting a tomatillo

I have been intrigued by the look of a tomatillo. Google says it’s a fruit.

This video shows me tasting it for the first time–with the help of Car-E who shows off his whiskers.

I will buy this fruit again. It had a slight citrus taste and will add something a little different to my boring meals.

Try something out of the ordinary today. When I come across an unusual fruit or vegetable, I’ll give it a try, too.

Little food experiments make life interesting.

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Sometimes you have to be hardhearted

It’s not always fun being a mother especially if you put your foot down.

This column from 1986 is when this mother knew best, even if her daughter didn’t think so.

Rebecca (Becky) might want to write her own version of this episode. There’s always two sides.

I would not change my decision. It was Becky’s own good

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Susan reads as Car-E plays

If nothing else you may want to watch this video to see Car-E trying to steal the show.

In 1986, my first novel was published by Doubleday. Its title is NEVER BRING HER ROSES. This is what I wrote about during that exciting time.

You can still get my novel on Kindle:

Do not accidentally click on the $902.81 one offered on Amazon! That’s some crazy person out there trying to make a buck.

I actually have a few hardcover books left that I sell for $10. In case you’re interested email me at or pick one up at Sissy’s in Seymour.

I think Car-E is the star of the show.

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