A creative expression of love

Bob has gotten all kinds of get-well cards, but one could not be stuffed in an envelope. It had to be hand-delivered.

This card arrived a couple weeks ago, but I just never got around to photographing it. Finally, I took the time today.

This card is from our son, Rob, his wife Tara and our grandchildren: Ethan, Seth, Aryana.

A real ‘candy-gram’ from the Plover Manzkes

Here’s what it says:

“Hey Mr. Goodbar! We wanted to Take5 to tell you how Extra special you are with this Whopper of a card! With Mounds of luck we Scored bigger than 100Grand Payday as you Crunch and Munch on these Whatchamacallits. We hope our card brings you Snickers and Almond Joy. We love you… as tall as the Andes as big as the MilkyWay and more than all the Skittles in the rainbow! Hugs ‘n Kisses from Rob, Tara, Ethan, Seth, Caleb, and Aryana. We love you!

I’m pretty sure the creativity behind this card was from our daughter-in-law, Tara, but the love came from everyone. I hope I transcribed it correctly

I still haven’t had the heart to cut off any of the candy. Bob and I don’t need the extra sugar. Maybe we’ll have to have a party to share it all.

A chill in the air

Bob wanted to be outside today, but the weather didn’t cooperate. It’s only 42* and there’s a damp mist, too. My husband went out for a few minutes to talk to another farmer who needed a part, when he came back inside he was shivering.

I knew this would happen to Bob and I had a cup of hot cocoa ready for him to drink. He just can’t cope with cold/cool weather.

Right now Bob has kicked back in his recliner. He’s watching TV and snoring, so a quick afternoon nap for him.

When the weather was in the 70s, I couldn’t keep him in the house. One afternoon Bob helped me plant seed potatoes in our unusual raised beds –we don’t garden on the ground if we don’t have to.

Bob helped plant potatoes in raised bed (an old ez-flow fertilizer spreader)
(photo from Manzke archives)

We are waiting for nice weather again, as all farmers are–Bob will forever be tied to the land, even if he can’t do all the work anymore. Soil is part of his soul.

A few more photos with Wyatt

I was outside a lot today and didn’t think much about my blog. Tonight I thought I’d share more photos Rachel took yesterday.

We had a laugh while waiting for Bob’s doctor to arrive. I’m trying to remember what Bob said that made us laugh.
Grandpa Bob, Wyatt, and Grandma Susan — photo by Rachel
Bob, Rachel, and Susan — Photo by Wyatt

As I post this, the sun is setting on our farm. I’m tired, but at least I put something on my blog. I’ll try to do better tomorrow, but I’m not making any promises.

They played hookey today

Today our daughter Rachel drove up from Sun Prairie to go with us to Bob’s monthly oncology appointment. Along with Rachel came her youngest, five-year-old Wyatt. Both had put aside work and school to be with us.

Bob’s appointment went well. The results of his blood test were all positive. The doctors (one we knew for years who we met in the hallway) thought Bob looked great. Their positive comments made us smile.

Yes, Wyatt came into the appointment, too. He said he wants his grandpa to get better.

Besides the short appointment, we had fun spending the day with Rachel and Wyatt. Here are some photos Rachel took today.

Grandma Susan advised Wyatt while he painted a ceramic tile.–Wyatt did great!
Grandpa Bob didn’t have to advise Wyatt how to do the puzzle. Wyatt knew what to do.
A closed window kept Grandpa Bob dry as Wyatt practiced with his squirt gun on our front porch..

All around, this day was a good one. Thanks Rachel and Wyatt for adding smiles to our day.

Laddy–an old family friend

Our family always had dogs when I was growing up. Laddy was a special hound. He was a purebred collie when we couldn’t afford one. I guess we got him from the bargain rack.

Laddy came to us because he was a very sick pup. Mom spoon fed him bread soaked in warm milk, otherwise, he wouldn’t or couldn’t eat. She gave him pills in liver sausage, too. It was all because of my mom’s valiant efforts that Laddy lived and grew into a fine family dog.

Laddy 1960

Laddy put up with my sister and me dressing him up in crazy outfits. Here he is wearing a raincoat and a hat. Laddy would let us do just about anything to him. He never complained.

Dogs like Laddy are trusting, loving, and loyal. They don’t care if a person is filthy from work, they are always happy to see you come home.

I like cats, too, but I’ve never had a cat greet me at the door, wagging its tail.