Down the lane

I had a great video of hundreds of geese flying away but it wouldn’t download. Today the geese took off before I was close enough for a good video, but other birds hung around.

Turn up volume to hear the sounds of spring on Sunnybook Farm.

It was a good walk and I managed to get back to the house with only a few raindrops hitting me.

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Listening to a six-year-old is fun

I’m glad my weekly column gave me an avenue to save family happenings, even little ones.

Rachel had a lot to say this day. In my April 1988 column, I luckily caught a few of her gems and put them in print.

Back in those days, the kids always did something that became the subject of one of my columns. If it wasn’t one of them, then Bob stepped up.

Life was always interesting.

Now it’s much quieter, but still interesting. Thank goodness for family, pets, and the Internet.

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What do you hear?

Turn up your volume for this short video. Noting is moving, but there is an interesting sound.

At first I thought I heard birds, but as the sound changed so did my idea about the animal/s above.

Many critters stop over on Sunnybook Farm. Some settle down to have a family. I pretty sure I know what critter belongs to this sound. It must be baby raccoons.

Of course, little raccoons have to have a big mama around. Chickens beware!

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The spring cleaning bug

Most springs the spring cleaning bug doesn’t bite me, at least not right away. This year was different. In 1988, I went wild.

Hear how spring sprung on me in this long distant column.

This year, I’m outside picking up sticks and pinecones. Better to be out when the sun is shining.

Actually, housework is never high on my to-do list, unless company is coming.

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The birth of a teenager

This particular teenager is now in his mid-forties. He has teenagers of his own. Rob’s memories about his own growing years may have dimmed, but having children of his own might be a refresher course for him.

April 1, 1988 is the date of this column. I hope you enjoy it.

Grandchildren are all growing. One will reach thirteen in June. Time keeps moving forward.

The cute toddlers grow but as they do conversations with them improve.

Remembering changes of the past is a good thing. Seeing how well my children turned out is a great feeling. We all made it through their teen years without too many scars.

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