A frosty morning on the farm

Usually, I get up looking for a bright sunrise. If I’m lucky I can snap a colorful photo to post on Facebook.

The first days of January 2021 have been foggy/cloudy meaning no pretty sunrise photos.

Daughter Rebecca said I should take a photo today just the same. Instead I took these two short videos.

front yard

The frost covered everything so walking was slippery. I took my time as I do every time I go outside during the winter.

Today make sure you watch your step as you enjoy the view of the frosty landscape.

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Too cold for a baby

This is a retelling of the below-zero temperatures that started when Becky (Rebecca) was born.

Our mobile home had a hard time holding in the heat that cold, windy winter. Listen to find out how we kept our newborn baby warm.

Rebecca Sue at three months of age

It was a challenge keeping everyone healthy that January, but we managed.

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Under-Eye cream review

Plexaderm works but I found I have an issue with it as I talk about in this video today.

You may love this under-eye bag reducing cream, but I think it is rather expensive, though first-time buyers get a break on their website.

I just thought I should tell you about my reaction to Plexaderm.

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What’s behind New Year’s resolutions?

Google told me that yearly resolutions started over 4000 years ago in Babylon. People made their resolution (promise) to their gods and kept them so the gods would look kindly on them.

Good thing I looked that up. I thought it was a modern invention.

This column was written at the end of 1980. Here’s what I said about resolutions as the new year (1981) approached.

I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in a long time. I do not miss the pressure. These days I just do the best I can. Success and failure take their turns with me, but that’s just life.

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End of year cat fun

I don’t have much to say about 2020. I’m just happy it is over.

Thought I’d end with a short video of Car-E.

Fingers crossed that 2021 is an okay year. — Okay is an upgrade from 2020.

Happy New Year!

Copyright 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved