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Lost in the ether

I started clearing out old Adobe files from my laptop–the download file was where I began. The first files to go were odd newsletters I might have read… or not.

Since I’ve been working on this computer for ten years, there’s a lot of junk I need to sweep out. The thing is I also found some files I lost–sometimes I’ve downloaded and saved a file only to forget to rename it. It’s then lost in the black hole of my computer hard drive.

Many files got trashed and dumped but then I came upon a PDF from my uncle that listed family birthdays and death days. He also shared family stories from his brothers and sister about my mother’s family that I didn’t know or remember reading.

I’m going through the papers now (I printed them out). My Grandpa Henry’s mother was a midwife in Chicago. It is thought that she delivered some of Grandma’s siblings. Henry and Josephine met and married in 1921. That was the beginning of the Fuchs, now Fox Family, that I know. (They changed their name after Mom was married so she was always a Fuchs.) When they were first married they opened a small store in Argo, IL, outside of Chicago.

Henry and Josephine Fuchs, aka: Fox

This photo shows Grandma and Grandpa as I remember them, or like to remember them before Grandpa had his stroke.

I will share the stories I found with family this coming weekend. It’s their history, too. Geology is great, but stories bring our ancestors to life. (I hope to bring other family stories to this blog in the future.)

Today’s assignment: Write down a memory.

Bob and Sunny out for a ride

My husband Bob couldn’t wait to get outside this afternoon. It was the first really nice day he and I took the cart for a ride without family help.

Today Bob wanted to look at a plow he intends to sell but he needed some measurements off of it–too bad his helper (me) took so long trying to understand what he wanted to be measured–I wouldn’t let him off the cart to do the measuring as he gets a little wobbly and I didn’t want him falling.

Bob and Sunny (the dog’s not driving. Susan had to push him over so she could get in.

After we did our measuring, Bob and I drove back to the house where Sunny was waiting.

Our dog got so excited when he saw the cart coming for him, I thought he’d run out before I could put his leash on.

We three drove around the farmyard a couple of times, but that made Sunny happy and us, too. It was a good afternoon. Any day when we don’t need any doctors is a good day.

A lovely day

Today Rachel and two of her brood drove up from Sun Prairie. Eli and Arianna, our nine-year-old grandtwins, were on spring break. The three of them came to take Grandpa Bob to his Oncology checkup. The checkup went fine and we had a lot of fun with our company.

While we waited to go to the afternoon appointment, Rachel helped me with my blog setup. She also cleared up a lot of things on my web site. Now let’s hope I don’t mess things up on my computer.

The twins put together a 300 piece puzzle on the dining room table. The day was fun, productive, and especially good because Bob had good numbers from his blood tests.

Eli and Arianna had a good start on this puzzle.