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Susan’s novel rendition of Broken Cookies

Each chapter of my novel Chicken Charlie’s Year is a story in itself.

Today I’m reading my version of Dad’s childhood story about getting broken cookies.

I hope you enjoyed the portion I read.

Yes, this book is still available for purchase from me and at Sissy’s in Seymour. It can also be found on Amazon as a paperback and large print, and on digital Kindle.

A book for people of all ages.

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Susan reads as Car-E plays

If nothing else you may want to watch this video to see Car-E trying to steal the show.

In 1986, my first novel was published by Doubleday. Its title is NEVER BRING HER ROSES. This is what I wrote about during that exciting time.

You can still get my novel on Kindle:

Do not accidentally click on the $902.81 one offered on Amazon! That’s some crazy person out there trying to make a buck.

I actually have a few hardcover books left that I sell for $10. In case you’re interested email me at or pick one up at Sissy’s in Seymour.

I think Car-E is the star of the show.

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Looking good

I love taking photos. I prefer to be in back of the camera, not in front.

This column tells of the time I had my photo taken for the cover of my first romance novel, Never Bring Her Roses.

FYI: I found more copies of this novel in my back closet. Just in case you need a hardbound copy, just contact me. (

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With just a little imagination

I have been a writer/author for over 45 years. I’ve also been a speaker, centering my talks on saving family stories and/or how to use your imagination in fiction writing.

Since, like many writers, I’m an introvert and fear speaking in public. I’ve worked hard over the years to overcome this problem.

This column was written many years ago when I first began speaking.

I’ve learned how humor and fun can take hold of a crowd, no matter their age.

In the future, when the pandemic comes under control, I hope to be able to get out to visit schools and libraries again. I miss the face-to-face interactions.

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A memory saved

I’m always encouraging people to save their family stories. Today’s video is one short suggestion how to get started.

Now look around your home and see what jogs your memory. After you find that item, write down the memory or record it like I have done today.

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