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Pig’s revenge

I love sharing my dad’s stories. This one is about butchering a pig, a job he hated.

Even in the city people raised chickens and a pig or two in their backyard in the 1930s. This is one story about a pig incident.

The cat that came for my video today is Cruella. She wasn’t happy about being kept in my arms and immediately left, voicing her opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my reading of Dad’s story. We never raised pigs when I was a kid. Dad had enough of them when he was growing up.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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Dad’s love song lyrics

I wish I had a recording of my dad singing this song, but I don’t so you’ll just have to listen to me reading the words — no music.

Dad learned to read music when he was in his 60s. Most of the time he played music by ear.

He also taught himself how to play the guitar, harmonica, organ, and accordion. I did not take after him.

I wonder if my cousin George remembers any of the songs he and my dad wrote together. One was called One Legged Chicken. It was hysterical.

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My dad, Chuck Paska, shared many stories about his life. This is one that shows how he would take any job to make money for his family during the Great Depression.

I’m happy he didn’t get too deep into driving booze for gangsters. That might have changed his life if he had.

Reading his words always brings me closer to him again.

Thanks Dad for sharing your stories.

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Dad tells about seeing a ghost

Have you ever seen a ghost? My dad was sure he saw one when he was a kid.

Listen as I read his story about the neighborhood ghost.

My grandmother, Dad’s mom, wouldn’t have been surprised if this ghost was real. She believed in the supernatural.

After Grandma Brush passed, my sister was sleeping in her bedroom. She woke at midnight and saw a spirit above her. Too bad Karen ducked below her covers in fear. It was November 1, Grandma’s birthday. Karen later thought she might have seen our grandmother if she had looked at the ghost. Too bad it never happened again.

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