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Dad’s love song lyrics

I wish I had a recording of my dad singing this song, but I don’t so you’ll just have to listen to me reading the words — no music.

Dad learned to read music when he was in his 60s. Most of the time he played music by ear.

He also taught himself how to play the guitar, harmonica, organ, and accordion. I did not take after him.

I wonder if my cousin George remembers any of the songs he and my dad wrote together. One was called One Legged Chicken. It was hysterical.

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Little sister Lee

My dad became a big brother when his half-sister was born. He found her a cute baby until she grew into a tattletale.

Listen as I read two of his family stories.

As Lee and dad matured, they became friends.

When Lee needed real help, Dad became her pretector.

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Chuck’s Doughnut story

This one from my dad is very short today.

How do you buy doughnuts? I bet it isn’t anything like the way my dad’s family got them during the Great Depression. Find out what Chuck wrote in this short video.

Animal food often feeds people. It all depends how hungry a person is and how good the food is.

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