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Inside job continues

Bob and I hated to make choices. Deciding what color we should paint our living room was difficult. Worse was picking carpeting.

This column is dedicated to carpeting, choosing it and then putting it in place — Bob was a do-it-yourself guy.

We finished the living room before spring work began on the farm. If we had a delay inside, and spring had arrived, the room work wouldn’t have gotten done until the following winter–farming always came first.

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A winter remodel

This column tells about the aftermath of Rachel Jo drawing on the wall above our couch. It started out as a paint job, but then Bob stepped in and added to the project.

Bob’s two cents worked well for our living room. Opening the wall turned out great. The large shelving unit was finished and used by our family for years.

Of course, we had to live in the mess for a week, but thinking back on Bob-projects, this one was completed in a relatively short time.

Thank goodness most of Bob’s ideas were great.

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Wallpapering fiasco

This column from the 80s is about wallpapering our kitchen. It sure was a lot of work but Bob and I accomplished this together.

Going over this old home improvement project reminds me that I HATE to wallpaper and will NEVER EVER do it again.

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The invisible man

For a long time, Bob was invisible, working too much so he wasn’t seen by friends and family.

For once, it looked liked he’d be able to join the family for an Illinois wedding. Too bad for us something out of our control happened.

It wasn’t easy leaving Bob home. More was on my shoulders, but most of all I missed him.

Bob was not alone. I hear from other women who married a man like Bob, a workaholic. It’s a tough life for all, but we all continue to honor all those hardworking men.

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A big help

Daughter Rebecca had a day off of work and she volunteered to do work for me.

The job I gave her was cleaning out the gutters over the two porches.

First, she had to scrape the guck out, which was half-frozen.

Then she blew out leaves and muck. It was a lot of work, but managed without use of a ladder.

I so appreciated her help. To get to the front deck you have to go through a window. I used to be able to do that, but I don’t bend so well anymore.

Looking over Rebecca’s shoulder you can see the leaves of a maple tree that need to fall yet. I’m afraid Rebecca might be out blowing out gutters again after all the leaves are down.

Thank you very much, Rebecca.

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