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Backyard spinners

Just a quick peek at the spinners in my backyard.

Warning: if they are spinning fast, don’t get too close.

Only on a calm day can I oil spinners and stop their squeaking.

The windchime has been known to annoy visitors. On those days, the clanker is wound around them so no chimes sound.

I’m so used to all the noises coming from my decorations, I don’t notice the sounds at all.

As it has gotten calm now, I think it’s time to squirt a little oil on the spinners.

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Garden seat/kneeler review

Do you work on your hands and knees planting flowers and vegetables? If your answer is yes this product might be for you.

I bought my garden seat/kneeler a few years back and paid a little less than $50 for it. The prices haven’t changed much but the new ones have an addition. Most come with an attached pocket for tools. Mine did not.

My seat/kneeler is very sturdy. It would take quite a bit to tip over while using it, but to be safe make sure it is sitting flat on the ground when sitting on it.

I hope this review has given you an option when gardening.

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Rocking the farm

Rebecca has a thing for farm rocks. She uses them as a base for her copper trees and she also uses them to decorate her yard.

When she had a day off of work, daughter Rebecca came to the farm and used her energy to collect rocks.

I lifted a few rocks, but mostly I kept a lookout for rocks worth choosing.

Rebecca finds a few choice field rocks
Unloading the cart is also work

I only mashed my fingers once.

The video below is different and I don’t know what I did to get the special effects.

This was an ‘oops’ and I’d love to do it again some time. If you know how, email me at

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Winter gardening?

Are you yearning for growing green things? If so, you might want to listen to this column about my March garden.

I hope you have a few plants in your home to lift your spirts. Artificial flowers might help too, especially if you happen to kill house plants.

Join me in looking forward to spring.

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