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Thank you all

One of the perks of writing a column is that some of my readers write letters to me. At Christmas time they send me cards.

Here’s a video showing off my collection this year.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your extra efforts to write me. I so appreciate every single one. Even though we may never have met, I consider each one of you my friend.

Until next time, that’s all there is from Sunnybook Farm.

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Remember your cash

Too many people passed my red kettle saying they didn’t have any cash. I’m here to remind you to tuck some change or bills in your pocket when you venture out. You wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to donate to the Salvation Army.

Someone missed their scheduled time bell ringing so I stepped in for a short time.

Just a reminder to either ring or give, or do both. Everything helps.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm

Copyright 2021 Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

Voices raised in joy

This column was written soon after I sang with the Seymour Ecumenical Choir. I have to tell you, every year I joined the other singers that was the highlight of my personal Christmas season.

I miss all those voices lifted in praise and joy.

Bob always brought the kids to see a performance. The kids dragged their feet, but came anyway because they knew there was free punch and cookies afterward.

I hope you are able to find joy this Christmas.

I was lucky to find a recording of the 19th Anniversary of the Ecumenical Christmas choir and I’ve been playing over and over. I only wish I could figure a way I could share it with you.

Merry Christmas!

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