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Voices raised in joy

This column was written soon after I sang with the Seymour Ecumenical Choir. I have to tell you, every year I joined the other singers that was the highlight of my personal Christmas season.

I miss all those voices lifted in praise and joy.

Bob always brought the kids to see a performance. The kids dragged their feet, but came anyway because they knew there was free punch and cookies afterward.

I hope you are able to find joy this Christmas.

I was lucky to find a recording of the 19th Anniversary of the Ecumenical Christmas choir and I’ve been playing over and over. I only wish I could figure a way I could share it with you.

Merry Christmas!

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Mary and Me

I saved this column for Christmas Eve.

Many years ago, when Rachel was a toddler, I walked the floor with her on Christmas Eve. I think she was teething and in a sour mood. That night we spent hours together.

I couldn’t help but think of another mother that night. Mary had her baby many years ago. In my mind, we walked the floor together, something all mother’s have in common.

Even all these years later, I remember that Christmas eve. The lights of our tree lit the living room where I walked.

Christmas arrived that morning. The medicine I had given Rachel Jo helped her and me.

Wishing you memories of Christmases past you can share.

May your Christmas be a blessed one.

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Christmas cookie baking octopus

A few times a year I left the kitchen and let Bob take over. One time was making pie dough and another time I left was for Christmas cookie baking. I wasn’t good at either and the commotion drove me nuts.

This column covers cutout cookie baking. It was better for all of us if I stayed away. Everything just frustrated me.

I still don’t like cutting out cookies, but I love eating them. Most cutouts break for me. I’m all in when it comes to drop cookies though, especially chocolate chips.

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Christmas magic

This year (1985), third-grader Becky won the big prize at school. Her name was drawn from a hat to play Mary in St. John The Baptist School Christmas production. I was so proud. She was so scared.

Becky (Rebecca) was angelic as Mary.

Christmas sparkles through children, no matter their age.

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The call of a Christmas project

Today I was working again on a crochet gnome, but other than that, I’ve not been very creative this Christmas.

My homemade holiday went on the back burner when my writing took center stage–yes, that’s a mixed metaphor.

Though one project did call my name. This column reading goes back to that Christmas.

This year writing and recording take up a lot of my time, but crafts did appear again, in the form of gnomes.

Though I’m not working on many creations, I admire all those who work hours to make Christmas crafts. You do a great job.

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