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A time to work

Bob started tearing down the back entrance shelter to our back door without telling me what he was doing this morning–I was at my computer working on my next column. Eventually, I figured out he needed an extra pair of hands.

Working together is something we continue to do. These days, Bob can’t bend low, but I can. He can’t tip his head back to see high spots, but I can. I’m also able to pick up things he drops before he goes for his grabber.

This entrance had been built 40 years ago and had deteriorated. Bob’s plan was to take down some of the rotten parts and replace them with new treated lumber and that is what we did.

Bob used the back of his truck as his workbench.

I came in handy when we attached the wood at ground level.

Bob could easily reach what he needed at the tailgate level.

It got too hot to work so we didn’t finish completely, but at least we could close the gate again when we left this project today.

When we went into our cool house Bob smiled and said, “It’s good to know that we can do something for ourselves again.” (He hates to ask for help, even from me.)

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Riding along

We happen to have two carts to drive around the farm. The first is the 2001 Easy Go Workhorse, which is what we usually use.

This is the second cart. It is also an Easy Go, but it is a 1987 Marathon.

We don’t drive it often enough, and Bob had a terrible time getting it to start this summer. He worked hard on it so when family visits, we can have two carts to use.

Sunny and Bob after a drive down the farm lane.

Bob did a lot to get it going, but he’s not sure what actually made it go. After putting in a different battery it wouldn’t turn over. Bob couldn’t figure out what was going on, then it started and chugged along. After running rough for a while, it eventually ran smoother, but I still don’t trust it.

If anyone takes this cart for a drive, make sure you carry your cell phone in case you need lane-side assistance.

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Work is what Bob knows

Over the winter, when Bob was very sick, he wanted to be able to work again. He didn’t like sitting around, watching television. It was his dream to get outside and get his hands dirty.

Now that Bob is feeling much better, he’s out in the yard mowing lawn and finding any kind of work that will get his hands dirty.

Bob making sure culvert drains into the ditch again.
After getting the water running, Bob whacked some weeds.

Bob said that once the water drains from the culvert, the barn cats can use it to walk across the road again–he hates seeing the cats cross the blacktop. They never look both ways.

I can hardly keep up with Bob. He’s a workaholic and always will be one.

Got to love the guy.

A Bob selfie

Bob and I were doing a project outside. Of course, I thought to take a photo so I could use it in a blog.

Bob has used my cellphone to take photos before. He always surprises me with his artistic abilities.

I can’t say this is Bob’s first selfie, but maybe it is. Before he’s taken photos of his fingers and my feet. This selfie was a surprise, but kind of expected, especially when I saw which way he was pointing the camera.

A Bob selfie


Happy Father’s Day

Like others, our children have been wishing their dad, Happy Father’s Day today. Two of our children were able to visit us on the farm. Others sent wishes and phoned. All four were extremely happy that they were able to send their love. Last winter no one was sure Bob would live long enough to celebrate another Father’s Day.

Some of the things Bob was able to give to his children over the years include a good work ethic and patience. Bob’s frustrations were only exhibited when he worked on his old machinery, not when he was with his children. When a wrench slipped, Bob swore, but only if no one else was in earshot–he often forgot that we could hear him through the floor when he was working in his basement workspace. Hearing him lose his temper always made our children laugh because it showed their dad was human and could express emotions, too.

Robby, Becky, and Daddy Bob 1980

Today, we want to wish Bob a Happy Father’s Day and hopefully for many more years to come.