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The Search for Peace and Quiet

For years, with a house filled with children, I was always looking for peace and quiet. Now, I have too much peace and quiet.

This 1987 column tells about life on Sunnybook Farm when children rulled and Bob worked too many hours.

As a single mother during summer and fall, some days I felt like I was going crazy.

Here’s a sample of my life back then.

I don’t know that I would go back to those frantic days, but memories are good and I’ve got plenty of them.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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Little sister Lee

My dad became a big brother when his half-sister was born. He found her a cute baby until she grew into a tattletale.

Listen as I read two of his family stories.

As Lee and dad matured, they became friends.

When Lee needed real help, Dad became her pretector.

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A sweet gift from an 8-year-old

Some days a mother gets a sweet surprise. This 1988 column talks about the little gifts my children gave to me. Little Russell became the feature child when he was eight.

Listen and hear what my boy gave to me making an ordinary day Mother’s Day.

I would have forgotten about Russell’s gift if I hadn’t written it down. Remember to make a note of things that you feel great. It can be anything.

Surprises like this one are a keepsake.

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Dad tells about seeing a ghost

Have you ever seen a ghost? My dad was sure he saw one when he was a kid.

Listen as I read his story about the neighborhood ghost.

My grandmother, Dad’s mom, wouldn’t have been surprised if this ghost was real. She believed in the supernatural.

After Grandma Brush passed, my sister was sleeping in her bedroom. She woke at midnight and saw a spirit above her. Too bad Karen ducked below her covers in fear. It was November 1, Grandma’s birthday. Karen later thought she might have seen our grandmother if she had looked at the ghost. Too bad it never happened again.

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Three stories from my dad

I’ve shared some of my dad’s stories here. Using my column, I shared these in the past.

I hope you enjoy hearing some of my family history today.

The skeleton in this story wears a smile and I love telling how my sweet grandmother ended up in jail on her wedding day.

This photo is how I remember Grandma Brush. At the end of her life, she lived in a small home built for her next to ours. There she raised geese and one particular mean gander we called Garfield.

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