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A little known story

My dad was in the Battle of the Buldge. I honor him today with a short account about his name.

Charles J Paska

When Dad was in the army they misprinted his name. He went from Charles Poska to Charles Paska. He soon found out that when the army says your name is Paska, that’s what it was.

I asked Dad why he didn’t get it changed back. He told me he’d have to go to court and pay a fee to fix what the army did. Dad had enough government interference in his life after his years in the army and said it was okay with him to have Paska as his name. Because of this my sister and my maiden names are Paska, too.

I tried looking up Dad’s service records, but I got a letter telling me a fire destroyed a great many records years ago. That’s such a pity, as many soldiers had their duty erased in those flames.

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Taking measure

How much rain did you get?

It all depends on where you live and how you measure.

We have a rain gauge on Sunny’s pen. This day we had 3/4s of an inch.

Bob used to talk about his grandfather. In days gone by, they compared the amount of rain measured at their homes. No matter the storm, Grandpa always had more rain, even when he lived next door.

How could this be?

It was the way Bob’s grandfather measured. His rain gauge wasn’t like the Manzkes’.

This was Grandpa’s rain gauge…

…his wheelbarrow.

Of course, he always had more rain.

This method brought a measurement of 2 inches, not 3/4 inch. The day that I took these photos, the guages were about twenty feet apart.

Grandpa never saw the need for a calibrated rain gauge. He liked his wheelbarrow method, which he used all his life.

So, how do you measure the rain coming into your yard? Rain gauge? Wheelbarrow? Teacup?

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Scanning the past

I’ve been working on setting another collection of my columns in book form. Now that most of my words are digitized, I’m looking to add photos.

I found a photo book from 1982-83 that will work. Now comes the hard part, selecting ones to include.

two pages from 1983

Then scanning them, as nothing was digital back then.

This takes time but also brings back good memories. Often my scanning process pauses as I reminisce. My book may take longer to put together because of these long pauses, but in today’s world taking time to remember family times is a good thing.

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Finally in the mail

I write every day on my blog, but writing individual letters seems like a lot of work for me. I’ve found a solution.

After digging through a box, I found a bunch of postcards Bob and I had gathered over the years. The oldest is from our honeymoon in 1973 when we stopped at the Arch on our way home.

Anyway, I used these cards the other day to write short notes to people–the space limits what I can write and if the cards are small enough, they only cost 35 cents to send.

Anyway, now a few people will find a little greeting in their mail that isn’t a bill, an advertisement, or political.

Postcards were first purchased as a

I hope they enjoy my efforts.

I even sent some to grandchildren. Of course, they like to get mail, too.

This is nothing earthshaking, but it is an idea of how to use those vacation postcards that never got mailed. Postcard souvenirs will now brighten up someone else’s day. 

If your vacation souvenirs are postcards like mine, maybe it’s time to send them winging on to a mailbox. You’ll brighten someone’s day, I guarantee.

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A favorite photo

Years ago, I was a member of a photography club. To learn, we were often given assignments. At the next meeting, we brought back developed photos to be critiqued.

I have no idea what they told me about my photos, but I do know the ones I liked. The one I’m sharing here is one I continue to love.

This photo was taken at the Black Creek Depot. The building was empty and I asked Russell to look inside. This is one of the snaps I took with my 35mm camera that day.

Little Rachel was trying to catch up with her brother, stumbling and almost falling–wanting to be like the older siblings often got her in trouble. She fell once while everyone was wrestling and broke her collar bone. Good thing nothing bad happened to her this day.

It was a fun day to practice my photography and to enjoy time with our two youngest. I think this was fall 1984.

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