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A bearded Bob

Harvest and planting seasons kept Bob busy, too busy to shave. This column from 1984 shows his best attempt at growing a beard one winter.

Bob did not shave every day, so most times I felt his wishers when we kissed.

I wish I was snapping more photos in those days. But developing film was expensive and I often passed up a good photo just to save money.

Eventually, digital photos came our way. Without having to develop film, I caught Bob in many more photos, not just for special occasions.

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Sad anniversary

I wasn’t alone at home on January 8 2021. I met daughters Rebecca and Rachel at the Green Bay Botanical gardens. There we walked, laughed, and remembered Bob, husband/father.

It was a winter day, but very nice for January in Wisconsin.

We dressed in layers for cold weather.

As we walked around and warmed up, coats opened and gloves came off.

Of course, our masks stayed on.

I had expected phone calls this day, but the girls were able to take off of work and spend it with me and that was good for all of us.

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Too cold for a baby

This is a retelling of the below-zero temperatures that started when Becky (Rebecca) was born.

Our mobile home had a hard time holding in the heat that cold, windy winter. Listen to find out how we kept our newborn baby warm.

Rebecca Sue at three months of age

It was a challenge keeping everyone healthy that January, but we managed.

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A vehicle is needed

Many miles were put on this van by our family. Of course, we bought it used (pre-owned or whatever they call used these days.) It fit our growing family for quite a few years.

It even took us all the way to Florida. This column gives an account of the van as it began to show its age.

Eventually Bob turned it into his farm vehicle and filled it with tools and stuff. It was never the same after that.

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