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Mean old Mom again

Raising four through childhood was always interesting. I never knew who would have a meltdown next. This time it was seven-year-old Rachel.

Listen to this column from 1989 to learn what set daughter number two off.

If I hadn’t been writing my column, this incident would have been lost to time.

I hope family stories make it into your journals/diaries. They are worth perusing in later years.

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A very odd dream

I’ve had crazy dreams in my life, but this was one of the craziest.

It was so different, I saw fit to write about it in a column in 1988. You’ll have to listen to see who was the star of my dream.

I bet you couldn’t guess that one. It’s so off beat and even I wonder where that came from.

Wishing you good dreams and no nightmares.

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The creature comes to life

Our home on Gardner Road wasn’t far from Black Creek. During much of the year, it was a fun play area for all children. Listen to my account of one spring adventure.

I was also drawn to this creek. It refreshed memories of my childhood living next to a swamp.

Once in high school, we were supposed to bring a sample of pond water to examine under a microscope. I brought a vile of water from the swamp. My cousin George asked me what I had in the bottle. “Swamp water,” I said. Immediately, George started calling me Swamp Water Sue. Such a great nickname. Thanks, George.

In biology class, I found a minuscule creature wiggling in the droplet set up on my microscope. The teacher didn’t know what it was. Later, I found a photo in a book of a mosquito larva, which is what it was. I found it odd that the teacher didn’t recognize it.

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Listening to a six-year-old is fun

I’m glad my weekly column gave me an avenue to save family happenings, even little ones.

Rachel had a lot to say this day. In my April 1988 column, I luckily caught a few of her gems and put them in print.

Back in those days, the kids always did something that became the subject of one of my columns. If it wasn’t one of them, then Bob stepped up.

Life was always interesting.

Now it’s much quieter, but still interesting. Thank goodness for family, pets, and the Internet.

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The birth of a teenager

This particular teenager is now in his mid-forties. He has teenagers of his own. Rob’s memories about his own growing years may have dimmed, but having children of his own might be a refresher course for him.

April 1, 1988 is the date of this column. I hope you enjoy it.

Grandchildren are all growing. One will reach thirteen in June. Time keeps moving forward.

The cute toddlers grow but as they do conversations with them improve.

Remembering changes of the past is a good thing. Seeing how well my children turned out is a great feeling. We all made it through their teen years without too many scars.

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