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A creative expression of love

Bob has gotten all kinds of get-well cards, but one could not be stuffed in an envelope. It had to be hand-delivered.

This card arrived a couple weeks ago, but I just never got around to photographing it. Finally, I took the time today.

This card is from our son, Rob, his wife Tara and our grandchildren: Ethan, Seth, Aryana.

A real ‘candy-gram’ from the Plover Manzkes

Here’s what it says:

“Hey Mr. Goodbar! We wanted to Take5 to tell you how Extra special you are with this Whopper of a card! With Mounds of luck we Scored bigger than 100Grand Payday as you Crunch and Munch on these Whatchamacallits. We hope our card brings you Snickers and Almond Joy. We love you… as tall as the Andes as big as the MilkyWay and more than all the Skittles in the rainbow! Hugs ‘n Kisses from Rob, Tara, Ethan, Seth, Caleb, and Aryana. We love you!

I’m pretty sure the creativity behind this card was from our daughter-in-law, Tara, but the love came from everyone. I hope I transcribed it correctly

I still haven’t had the heart to cut off any of the candy. Bob and I don’t need the extra sugar. Maybe we’ll have to have a party to share it all.

They played hookey today

Today our daughter Rachel drove up from Sun Prairie to go with us to Bob’s monthly oncology appointment. Along with Rachel came her youngest, five-year-old Wyatt. Both had put aside work and school to be with us.

Bob’s appointment went well. The results of his blood test were all positive. The doctors (one we knew for years who we met in the hallway) thought Bob looked great. Their positive comments made us smile.

Yes, Wyatt came into the appointment, too. He said he wants his grandpa to get better.

Besides the short appointment, we had fun spending the day with Rachel and Wyatt. Here are some photos Rachel took today.

Grandma Susan advised Wyatt while he painted a ceramic tile.–Wyatt did great!
Grandpa Bob didn’t have to advise Wyatt how to do the puzzle. Wyatt knew what to do.
A closed window kept Grandpa Bob dry as Wyatt practiced with his squirt gun on our front porch..

All around, this day was a good one. Thanks Rachel and Wyatt for adding smiles to our day.

Sharpener review

I have a thousand scissors around the house and all are dull. Okay, maybe not a thousand, but all that I have always seem to be dull. We have knife sharpeners here that work well, even one used ages ago by a butcher (probably a collectible). The trouble is you can’t sharpen scissors the same way you do knives.

I googled how to sharpen scissors.

The google replies said to cut sandpaper over and over with a pair of scissors to sharpen it. I did this and had a little success, but first thing is to have sandpaper handy.

The second suggestion was to take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it over a few times. Like the sandpaper, you cut the foil many times to sharpen your scissors. My success rate wasn’t any better with this method.

I then asked the Internet for a scissor sharpener. A bunch of knife sharpeners showed up, but so did some scissor sharpeners. One gizmo was a professional model and cost over $400–since I didn’t want to go into the business of sharpening, I continued my search for a reasonably priced sharpener.

I ended up with Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Sharpener. It sharpens knives, scissors and shears. This model cost me a hair under ten dollars.

Jiffy-Pro Sharpener

I found this sharpener easy to use. Knives just zip through. Scissors take a firm hand to hold in place, but it worked well for my needs.


One extra benefit (that I don’t need) is that it will sharpen left-handed scissors too. It is designed in the U. S. but made in China.

I did not buy any other sharpeners so I don’t know if any are better. (There was another that was cheaper and one for the desktop.)

All I can say is that Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Sharpener worked well for me. Now I don’t have to buy another scissors just because all of mine are dull.

Trial and error

inked vase

I tried my hand at inking a vase. This is the first time I attempted doing anything with my inks besides plastic eggs.

I got the vase wet before I found out that it has to be sprayed with a sealer to keep the colors.

I should have taken a before-photo when it was white. The first photo here is before my wet hands touched it. The second is after I applied more ink to the white smudges I had inflicted on my creation.

Much of the first coloring came off on my wet hands. I should google ALL instructions and read through everything before leaping ahead. The colors are not fixed when first applied. They need to dry a day or two and then sprayed.

inked vase after correction

I know you might not see the difference, but I do.

I will work on another project soon and but first I will watch a few more instructional videos and not jump ahead.

A gift from a friend

My friend, Doris, returned late Wednesday with a gift for me. I now have a starter kit of alcohol inks and supplies of my own. I never expected Doris to do such a thing and I am grateful for the surprise. I’m even more thankful for our years of friendship.

I may work on a few eggs today, or I may wait for the weekend. It would be fun sharing this art with family.

Our actual family Easter get-together won’t take place until April 28. It doesn’t matter the day. All that I care about is that a big chunk of our family can come together on the farm. Maybe by then, the yard will be dry enough for our grandchildren to have their egg hunt outside. No matter, we’ll have good food and an abundance of fun.