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Scanning the past

I’ve been working on setting another collection of my columns in book form. Now that most of my words are digitized, I’m looking to add photos.

I found a photo book from 1982-83 that will work. Now comes the hard part, selecting ones to include.

two pages from 1983

Then scanning them, as nothing was digital back then.

This takes time but also brings back good memories. Often my scanning process pauses as I reminisce. My book may take longer to put together because of these long pauses, but in today’s world taking time to remember family times is a good thing.

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A favorite photo

Years ago, I was a member of a photography club. To learn, we were often given assignments. At the next meeting, we brought back developed photos to be critiqued.

I have no idea what they told me about my photos, but I do know the ones I liked. The one I’m sharing here is one I continue to love.

This photo was taken at the Black Creek Depot. The building was empty and I asked Russell to look inside. This is one of the snaps I took with my 35mm camera that day.

Little Rachel was trying to catch up with her brother, stumbling and almost falling–wanting to be like the older siblings often got her in trouble. She fell once while everyone was wrestling and broke her collar bone. Good thing nothing bad happened to her this day.

It was a fun day to practice my photography and to enjoy time with our two youngest. I think this was fall 1984.

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Beauty on the wing

I love watching out my kitchen window and seeing the birds that come to eat at the feeder. Nature is moving forward. It’s is spring and the wildlife are all getting ready to reproduce.

Eastern bluebird

Here are a couple photos I have snapped of neighborhood feathered friends.


There are many cardinals flitting about the yard. These birds call to each other from the trees around our house. Sometimes I whistle back and listen for a response. Often, they answer me even if my cardinal impression isn’t very good.

As I write this blog, crows are voicing their opinions to each other nearby. Bob actually was very fond of crows, so listening to their squawks reminds me of my husband.

I hope to see many more feathered neighbors come for more visits. I keep the outside cats well fed so they are too slow and fat to notice the birds, which is a good thing for all.

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Snowstorm photos

I wandered around outside early December 1, taking in the beauty of our snowstorm. There wasn’t any wind and the temperature was about 32, so nice for winter/late fall. Here’s are some of my photos.

our home
Barn cats on front porch, actually out of the snow.
Photo shows snow blowing between them and camera.
Cat prints heading to the house.
Flowering crabtree
At the birdfeeder
Bob and Susan’s 46th-anniversary photo

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National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day

I almost missed this monumental day. I think it’s a good day to remember my good friend, Wendel T. Bear–the T. stands for Teddy.

Years ago, I had a slide show of Wendel. He went to school, the doctor’s office, grocery shopping, and a ton of other places.

Wendel did all kinds of fun things, like go shopping with his little friend, Pookie.

I started digitizing Wendel photos. Maybe someday, I’ll have a PowerPoint to take on the road again.

Wendel is waiting patiently for his new digital debut.

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