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BAM! right in the kisser

Going for a drive down our lane is very interesting some days.

Because of the tall corn growing on our farm, we don’t get a great view of the landscape, but we still enjoy our rides…well usually.

Today, a flying grasshopper flew right at me and hit me in the face. Actually, it hit me in my glasses. I was so happy I was wearing my glasses as I’m not sure if that grasshopper could have damaged me.

Also, Bob and I don’t talk much as we drive. Some bugs, like this grasshopper, could end up in one of our mouths. (Once I swallowed a Junebug! Yuck!)

I wanted to write this blog about getting hit by a grasshopper but had a hard time getting one to stand still long enough to take its picture.

I finally got this photo of two on the ground. I know it’s out of focus, but those bugs are fast. They don’t sit long enough to say ‘cheese’.

Bob and Sunny were on the grasshopper search with me, hunting slower ones that I could capture with my camera.

Just a word of warning, when driving out in the country, wear safety glasses or a helmet and keep your mouth shut.

Better safe than sorry.

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Say “Cheese,” Sunny

Many children get tired of having their photos taken and don’t want to look at the camera. Well, I’ve found that dogs can act the same way.

Here are some photos of our dog, Sunny, when he didn’t want to look at me and my camera.

This one with his tongue out might be his comment on getting his photo taken–in reality he was chowing down a treat.

When I didn’t give up, Sunny turned his back on me.

Poor Sunny.

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Bob having fun

Because we still have water across our farm lane, it’s up to Bob to drive his tractor down to where our critter cam is set up.

There’s no place for me to ride with Bob unless I sit in the bucket.

Here’s one of our wildlife friends coming across the camera’s view.

The only bad part of checking on the camera is that mosquitoes come after Bob. He says if they were large enough to have their photos taken, they would fill the camera up fast.

Action cam

Bob and I are big fans of our critter cam. Getting infrared shots at night is great, but some interesting action photos come in the light of day.

Today I’m posting a few actions shots we got over the last few days.

The last action shot is of Bob cutting grass so we can see our wildlife visitors.

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Morning encounter

Bob and I took a ride down our farm lane before 8 this morning. It was cool out and buggy. We never expected to see deer. The crops and grasses are getting tall and making it harder to see whitetail.

We saw this doe at the far end of our lane. She watched us for a while, even coming closer.

Eventually, she turned and ran.

Sunny was riding with us and enjoyed the deer sighting, too. It was a good start to our day. Now we are getting ready for another Farmer’s Market in Seymour. Hope to see you there.

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