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Change of plans

Some days you have a long list of to-do things. Most times everything on that list does not get done. Sometimes an outside force has you tossing the list completely. This column tells of a day when my plans went out the window.

I kept thinking about my undone plans until I was walking around the field, taking down measurements.

The company and the beauty of the day made me grateful for the changes I had to make.

Remember to enjoy the times you have and the changes you are given. They can both represent unexpected gifts.

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Down the lane

I had a great video of hundreds of geese flying away but it wouldn’t download. Today the geese took off before I was close enough for a good video, but other birds hung around.

Turn up volume to hear the sounds of spring on Sunnybook Farm.

It was a good walk and I managed to get back to the house with only a few raindrops hitting me.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

Icky walk with Sunny

As I walked down the lane with Sunny, I remembered why I don’t care to walk the lane with him in the spring.

There may be muddy spots, but that’s not what bothers me.

It’s the goose poop that is scattered all over. Sunny considers these blobs yummy treats. Ugh!

The wind was picking up as we headed back to the house. Sunny never seemed to get enough of his goose treats. As we neared the road the number of ‘treats’ diminished.

It always turns my stomach when he goes after these bits. Our next walk will be on the road where Sunny only gets dog treats that come out of my pocket.

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Walking the farm lane

Rebecca, Sunny dog, and I went for a walk down the farm lane yesterday. We didn’t plan for mud. We should have.

It was a great day to be outside.

I debated about posting this video of me limping. It’s not the best look. My excuse is that I was getting tired and my shoes had a heavy layer of mud attached.

Next time we’ll bring the cart out and hope not to get stuck in the mud.

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A farm view in 20 seconds

The sun popped out as I took Sunny outside so I thought I’d take a short video to share.

This is it.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time today. I know football games will fill your afternoon and evening today…and tomorrow.

Go Packers!!!

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