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Blah! When will winter end?

Some years our Wisconsin winter starts early and ends late. In 1986, I was sick and tired of winter.

Here’s what I wrote about winter in March 1986.

Spring looks like it’s just around the corner this March. Next week we expect 50 degree temperatures.

Still, things can revert to winter without much notice.

Don’t put away your winter things yet. If you do, you are tempting fate.

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A taste of spring

In this 1985 column I wrote about having a winter thaw in February.

It’s something we can dream about today as we freeze in extreme cold weather in Wisconsin.

The below-zero temps will fade…hopefully soon. Spring will arrive.

Just be patient.

And bundle up!

Because it’s COLD outside.

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Winter theme continues

As I write today, I am looking out a window watching the snow fall. I made an early run to the grocery store, so I’m set for the storm.

This column is an account of one slippery day when driving wasn’t so great. It’s another reason I stay off icy roads except in an emergency.

So if you are also watching the snow fall, stay safe.

Hopefully you won’t need to venture out on slippery roads.

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Looking for a snowstorm

These days people are often in lock-down at home. In this early column, I was looking forward to some downtime.

Being snowbound meant everything else would be put on hold. Listen to this column from the 1983 to see my view when no snow was in the offing.

Tomorrow a winter storm will be hitting here. I’ll be snowbound with my cats, chickens, and dog. That’s fine for a day or two, but hopefully not too long.

It’s 44 days until spring. That knowledge keeps me going.

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Under a blanket of snow?

After inches of snow, seeing even a bit of soil showing through gave me a glimpse of the spring to come in 1982.

Some places are covered in snow this year (2021). On Sunnybook Farm the snow amount is far below normal. Other areas seem to have gotten our share this winter.

Though we are weeks from spring, even a little sign of the end of winter is good, as I wrote in this archival column.

Some people feel lucky to get a lot of snow. Sledding and skiing are on their agenda. Other people are grateful when the inches of white misses their home. Plowing and shoveling can be skipped.

Are you a snow lover?

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