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Tasting a tomatillo

I have been intrigued by the look of a tomatillo. Google says it’s a fruit.

This video shows me tasting it for the first time–with the help of Car-E who shows off his whiskers.

I will buy this fruit again. It had a slight citrus taste and will add something a little different to my boring meals.

Try something out of the ordinary today. When I come across an unusual fruit or vegetable, I’ll give it a try, too.

Little food experiments make life interesting.

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When I chose agriculture

I didn’t know I was a feminist when I became one of the first girls to sign up for an agriculture class in Lincoln-Way High school, New Lenox, Illinois, but I guess I was.

Up until 1965, female students were not allowed to take agriculture classes or join FFA. As soon as I was permitted, I signed up. I was a sophomore at that time and I took ag courses the rest of my high school days.

Here’s my account of those days.

As a shy student, I can’t believe I did this. It sure didn’t add to my popularity. Maybe it even made me even odder.

Still, I’m proud of my young self for stepping forward.

And after our first steps, girls were allowed and welcomed in all agriculture classes and FFA, too.

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Winter theme continues

As I write today, I am looking out a window watching the snow fall. I made an early run to the grocery store, so I’m set for the storm.

This column is an account of one slippery day when driving wasn’t so great. It’s another reason I stay off icy roads except in an emergency.

So if you are also watching the snow fall, stay safe.

Hopefully you won’t need to venture out on slippery roads.

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A look back at my first trip to a hairdresser

Odd to think that I was thirty when I first stepped through the door of a hairdresser, but it’s true. Up until then, my mother took care of my hair cuts. It really felt odd making this change, but it had to be done as Mom was 5 hours away.

Before I tell you everything, listen to my column from 1981.

A few years ago, I gave up dying my hair, but every once in a while I get it cut. I can’t stand the weight of it when it gets too long.

I tried cutting my own bangs in a mirror once during the shutdown. That was a disaster as I couldn’t manage to work the scissors in the mirror. So it’s either get someone to cut my hair or look like a sheepdog.

That’s about it for today.

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National Hat Day!

Come celebrate National Hat Day with me today.

Watch as I model a few fun hats from my collection.

Maybe I’ll be able to meet people again in the future as I show off my hat collection at libraries and clubs.

I hope you had some fun watching my video today.

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