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Car-E is interested in the popper

I got my West Bend Stir Crazy electric popcorn popper out and attracted my cat’s attention. (Originally purchased a few years ago at Fleet Farm, Appleton, WI.)

I think Car-E would have liked it better if the top of the popper was off. If that happened he would have loved chasing the popped kernels.

I do love this popper but I don’t eat popcorn too much. Most of this batch went as a treat to my four hens.

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Susan reads as Car-E plays

If nothing else you may want to watch this video to see Car-E trying to steal the show.

In 1986, my first novel was published by Doubleday. Its title is NEVER BRING HER ROSES. This is what I wrote about during that exciting time.

You can still get my novel on Kindle:

Do not accidentally click on the $902.81 one offered on Amazon! That’s some crazy person out there trying to make a buck.

I actually have a few hardcover books left that I sell for $10. In case you’re interested email me at or pick one up at Sissy’s in Seymour.

I think Car-E is the star of the show.

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Cat fun

I entertained Car-E my cat and myself with a strip of material.

This was also a good way to tire him out.

In the end, Car-E grabbed the material and took off across the house, tossing it in the air and making his own fun.

This furry friend made my day.

He’s just so funny and I appreciate his company.

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Some fun with a blood orange and a crazy cat

I’m do these posts to keep my life interesting and fun. Today I have both.

Car-E joined me at the beginning and that’s the fun part. The second half should be the interesting part.

I hope you enjoyed my efforts.

Try something new today. A blood orange might change your life … or not, but it can’t hurt.

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A toy for everyone & a playful cat

This video starts with Car-E trying to play with my hand, which means he’s chewing on me. This cat-play goes on for a minute before I start reading–just to let you know.

Eventually, I read about three-year-old Russell’s favorite toy, a shopping cart. I hope you enjoy the story and the cat antics.

All toys are outgrown and handed down. That’s the way it should be.

Rachel ended up using the pink shopping cart.

Family memories are good to save, even little ones.

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