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A boxed Car-E cat

I was about to break down this box when Care-E discovered it.

Cats love boxes. Once Car-E tried fitting into a much smaller box. He gave up when he figured out only part of him fit inside. Today the box was plenty big for his bulk.

Watch and enjoy.

After playing in this box, Car-E ran upstairs. It sounded like a horse tromped up and then down again.

If there’s an odd noise in the house you can bet Car-E is the cause.

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Grabbing for the gusto

Car-E has to be watched. Today he leaped up onto the table and grabbed a piece of bread still in its baggie. It had been meant for the chickens, but for this cat it was a play thing.

I wrestled the bread away and thought rightly that it was the plastic that Car-E wanted. I tried tossing it to him, but he ignored it. I then added it to this hanging toy and he went wild.

It isn’t much but this playful cat makes me smile. I hope he added something special to your day today, too.

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Cat comb review

I saw an ad for a soft cat comb and went ahead and bought one. It looked like it would do the trick for all the hair that comes off of Car-E.

Well it wasn’t as great as proclaimed.

The metal comb works best but costs a lot more. Soft plastic comb was about $6.50. The metal one I bought years ago. I paid between $10 to $15 for it.

The soft comb isn’t worth it for taking off cat hair, but works for massage.

I wouldn’t buy it again for my cats.

Thought you’d like to know.

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A very short cat video

First Car-E knocked the cap off the counter. He was fast as I had just set it down.

He went crazy playing with it. He sped across the kitchen floor with great speed so I had a hard time capturing his silliness.

Car-E was here there and everywhere, but for a moment he paused and I was able to get this video.

When Car-E finished with his play I had to go searching for the cap. He had flipped it out of sight into a distant corner and I ended down on the floor so I could reach it.

It’s fun having a cat for company.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved