Meringue Kisses

I had extra eggs so I made Meringue Kisses today.

3 large egg whites

1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar

Pinch of salt

1 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Beat room temp. egg whites until frothy; add cream of tartar and salt; beat; add sugar a little at a time while beating to form stiff peaks; add vanilla.

I use silicone baking sheets. Drop a dollop of batter on sheets, leaving a bit of room between. They don’t really spread.

Bake at 275 F for 25 minutes. Cool a bit and remove from the sheets–I pick them up with my fingers and then put on the rack.


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Cheese Blintzes

Over the holidays I like to make Polish pierogies like my grandmother used to make. She made all different kinds: plum, kraut, cheese, and more. My favorite was cheese.

I’ve made these a few times but found them to be a lot of work, even with Bob’s help.

I came across a recipe for blintzes while looking at The cheese filling was very close to the pierogies I had eaten in the past so I thought I’d give it a try.

Pierogies have to be boiled before they are fried. Blintzes do not have this step.

This is the recipe I used.

I ended up not putting as much cheese mixture in my crepes so needed to make more crepes, but not more cheese.

They were yummy and ALMOST as good as pierogies. At least it didn’t take me all day to make two pans full.

The blintzes I made

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Snowstorm photos

I wandered around outside early December 1, taking in the beauty of our snowstorm. There wasn’t any wind and the temperature was about 32, so nice for winter/late fall. Here’s are some of my photos.

our home
Barn cats on front porch, actually out of the snow.
Photo shows snow blowing between them and camera.
Cat prints heading to the house.
Flowering crabtree
At the birdfeeder
Bob and Susan’s 46th-anniversary photo

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Fixed, well almost

After discussing our broken washer with friends on the internet we took action.

Bob said to check the water-screen. I thought we’d have to pull the washer out of its space against the wall…..a lot of work if you asked me. Bob said we do that in the basement where the water comes up from the basement.

The screens were clean.

The next step was to switch the hot and cold connections. Bob didn’t think this would work, but he didn’t understand my plan–based on friends’ ideas for us.

The cold water now comes out of the hot connection. The hot water, replaced the cold so it doesn’t work.

I can fill the tub with cold water automatically now. I do not have to carry any water. I just have to listen when the washer stops, trying to fill for the rinse cycle. At this point, I turn the dial back to the start position and it fills with cold water again.

I wash and rinse in cold water.

The problem still exists, but I can use the washing machine and did today. We won’t have to look for a new washer, not until something else breaks on my machine.

I’m satisfied.

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Washing machine problems

For months I was without a clothes dryer. That was fixed just as the weather made hanging clothes outside more difficult. Now I have a problem with our washer.

The washer won’t let cold water in to fill the tank. I have only hot water to wash in. The worst part is that the washer only uses cold for the rinse cycle.

The rest of the machine works perfectly. The guy who fixed the dryer said we need a part to fix the cold water problem, but since the machine is old he can’t get it, so he couldn’t fix the washer.

I am still using this washer.

I put some hot water into the tank and then haul cold water from the kitchen sink to finish filling it.

This isn’t the optimal way to wash clothes, but it works. We may look for a new machine next week. But I get ticked off that the washing machine works, mostly. We shouldn’t need a new one.

Bob looked on the internet for parts, but couldn’t find any there either. The good thing is that it’s only the two of us who live here. It really would be difficult if it was the days when we had four children living with us. Back then it was hard keeping up with the tons of laundry even with a working machine.

Right now I get exercise by hauling water. That’s not a big hardship. It just ticks me off that we can’t fix my mostly-working machine so it can fill properly.

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