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Introducing Cruella

About 14 years ago I rescued another kitten. Her mother walked away with 3 siblings and left Cruella behind. She was so small I had to bottle feed her

Cruella looking across the frozen landscape last winter.

Cruella received her name because she was wicked, biting and scratching. Even though lovingly tended to, she never became a friendly cat, except to Bob. She would search him out in the evening and sit on his chest.

She would also follow us upstairs at bedtime and reclaim her Bob pillow.

Most people never see Cruella. If someone does get a glimpse of her they feel honored.

Cruella lives upstairs, mainly sleeping on my bed. Today she surprised me.

She came down to the kitchen to try out the dog bed. It seemed to suit her so she stayed for an afternoon nap today.

At night, Cruella will join me in bed. It took her a while to honor me with her presence. She actually purrs as we both doze off to sleep.

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A Charlie Paska story

Something different. Today I decided to record one of my dad’s stories.

My dad told it better, but at least he wrote down some of his stories. This one was adapted in my novel Chicken Charlie’s Year. There you’ll find more action that I imagined and added to fill out this remembrance.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Car-E wrestles with a bag

My kitten went into the bag I brought books home from the library. Too bad for him he went in via one of the handles.

The handle didn’t stop or hinder his play.

Eventually I helped him out by ripping the paper handle from the bag. After I did that, Car-E continued to play with his paper toy.

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Grandchildren visit extended

This weekend daughter Rachel, her husband Dave, and their three children visited, camping in my backyard. This started with rain and lightening and ended with a cool drizzle.

I can’t keep them here all year, so I thought I’d capture a part to save.

This five second video is for me to use as a daily pick-me-up.

I will also take air-hugs any way I can get them.

This last video is a reminder to laugh as well as love.

Eli, Arianna, and Wyatt, thank you for making today fun and for letting me save a part for days when we can’t be together.

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Instead of writing

I thought I’d video my blog. It’s just a short note about my Saturday.

No time for much writing. I have to bake bread for my family, a special treat I can share.

Wishing you good times….at a social distance.

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