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A fishy gift

If you listen to this video you’ll soon find out what I bought for myself.

It only cost $7 so don’t think diamonds, for that matter, don’t ever think diamonds when it comes to me.

So now you know how I’ll spend part of my summer.

I expect to have fun with grandchildren. It’s about time we all get together again.

Wishing you a fishy gift, too.

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Thump, thump, thump

The noise surprised me. Where was it coming from? I was the only one in the house, except for Sunny, Cruella, and Car-E.

It took me a minute to figure the unusual sound out.

Listen and hear what the bumping/thumping noise was.

Of course, you guessed it right away.

Little things like this unknown sound makes my life interesting.

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A cold doesn’t stop this mom for long

I rarely caught a cold. Even after tending to a sick family, I stayed healthy. I had to.

This column talks about one of the rare times I was under the weather. I asked everyone to let me sleep. Of course, all the kids came knocking on my bedroom door.

Listen to this column to hear the odd but funny end.

I guess laughter chased my cold away.

I should have tried it sooner, but not exactly the way that happened this day in 1989.

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Grabbing for the gusto

Car-E has to be watched. Today he leaped up onto the table and grabbed a piece of bread still in its baggie. It had been meant for the chickens, but for this cat it was a play thing.

I wrestled the bread away and thought rightly that it was the plastic that Car-E wanted. I tried tossing it to him, but he ignored it. I then added it to this hanging toy and he went wild.

It isn’t much but this playful cat makes me smile. I hope he added something special to your day today, too.

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Cat comb review

I saw an ad for a soft cat comb and went ahead and bought one. It looked like it would do the trick for all the hair that comes off of Car-E.

Well it wasn’t as great as proclaimed.

The metal comb works best but costs a lot more. Soft plastic comb was about $6.50. The metal one I bought years ago. I paid between $10 to $15 for it.

The soft comb isn’t worth it for taking off cat hair, but works for massage.

I wouldn’t buy it again for my cats.

Thought you’d like to know.

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