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Fast flyer

I filmed a short video of this hummingbird before, but I had trouble getting a still photo.

This is what I was able to get today.

This bird is so fast I usually end up with empty air when snapping a photo.

It’s here and then it’s gone.

I’ll probably try again and see if I can get better coloring. The bright green just doesn’t show up well in this photo.

Still, I’m happy I finally got a shot. I hope I didn’t disturb its breakfast.

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Sandhill cranes down the farm lane

Here’s another wildlife video.

I hid behind a tree so I wouldn’t scare the sandhill cranes dancing on our lane.

It was a lovely evening and I’m happy with the video.

I do enjoy watching them.

They weren’t talking but their call sounds prehistoric.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserve

Hummingbird video

I was heading out to get the hummingbird feeder to refresh it’s sugar water when one buzzed right by me.

I thought it was a good time to try for a video.

My first video was from below, just standing on the porch with my camera, but the angle was all wrong.

Out came my ladder and I took up a silent, statue-like vigil and waited for the bird’s return.

I was happy that when it came back it stayed on a side where I could video it. Sorry, the noise in the background is my radio inside the house.

Hummingbirds fascinate me.

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Multiplying neighbors

I’ve known for a long time that a raccoon has come to finish the food I leave for the outside cats. I’ve caught her on our critter camera coming onto the porch.

From September 2018

I call her a female, but I really didn’t know for sure, until last night.

Mrs. Raccoon brought out the family just before dark last night–because of the poor lighting, the photos are not the best.

At first, I thought I saw a cat by our maple tree, but then there was another. All the kits were having a ball climbing up and down the tree while their mother came for her evening snack–not much was left, but she ate any crumb she found.

It was hard to count all the kits. At first, I saw three, then four and then five!

I didn’t get a photo of it, but a sixth baby raccoon joined its siblings and mother just as the scurried away into the darkness.

That mother has her hands full. I’m just happy that raccoons only have one litter a year.

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Surprise! Critter camera photos

Both 4-footed and 2-footed critters are caught on my camera.

I had left the camera set up for a couple of days/nights in a row. These are a few views that I caught.

Feeding time

Usually, the camera isn’t set for daylight shots, but as you can see it caught me working.

cutting grass
Cats are not the only critters caught coming onto the front porch. This Hen is named Silver.

Last night, two raccoons made a lot of racket because there was only crumbs leftover for them to share–I hope this discourages from coming back.

getting a drink of water

Maybe if I had this set up the bear walked through the yard, I might have caught him, too.

Will set up the camera again and see what happens.

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