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Nature’s beauty

I thought I’d share another deer photo taken on our critter cam.

This beauty came to munch on an apple and posed right in front of our camera.

That velvet will be coming off pretty soon. It will take a bit of time for his antlers to shed the outer coating.

I’m afraid his antlers will attract hunters.

I hope to see him again after hunting season.

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Bombs away!

The apples on our trees are coming down. A wicked wind in hurrying them off the trees.

Bob wants to mow the grass under the trees, but he can’t. The apples are in his way.

What to do? Pick them up.

Bob can not pick up off the ground, so he uses his grabber. I just lean over and pick up as many as I can.

We both had to watch for falling apples. A healthy wind was bombing us with the fruit. Good thing the apples are rather small this year. These don’t hurt so much when they drop on our heads.

Hopefully, we’ll get some good apples off the trees before they all blow down.

Wonder what we do with the apples that have fallen? We take them down the lane and toss them in an unplanted area where we just happen to have our critter cam set up. It isn’t our fault that deer and other critters come and eat some of the discarded fruit.

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Action cam

Bob and I are big fans of our critter cam. Getting infrared shots at night is great, but some interesting action photos come in the light of day.

Today I’m posting a few actions shots we got over the last few days.

The last action shot is of Bob cutting grass so we can see our wildlife visitors.

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Morning encounter

Bob and I took a ride down our farm lane before 8 this morning. It was cool out and buggy. We never expected to see deer. The crops and grasses are getting tall and making it harder to see whitetail.

We saw this doe at the far end of our lane. She watched us for a while, even coming closer.

Eventually, she turned and ran.

Sunny was riding with us and enjoyed the deer sighting, too. It was a good start to our day. Now we are getting ready for another Farmer’s Market in Seymour. Hope to see you there.

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More Camp Manzke Photos

I just thought I’d add a couple more photos from our family weekend.

Dave and Russell spent hours cutting up fallen trees on our farm. We are so thankful for their help and also for the help of Seth and Rob who helped pick up log pieces from the lane.

Now that our farm lane is clear of fallen trees Bob and I are able to drive down to our favorite viewing spot by the woods.

This photo was taken from our favorite spot last year. Any day we catch a glimpse of a whitetail or two is always a good day.