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A couple of skunk tails

I haven’t seen any skunks yet, or smelled any, but eventually they will be venturing out again.

One time Bob and I were driving our cart about 100 yards from the house when Bob stomped on the brakes. A mother skunk and three babies were crossing the road.

We didn’t say a word, or make any sudden movements, not wanting to disturb the little parade before us.

What I did notice was how beautiful that mother skunk looked. The wide white stripe down her back looked like she had been to the beauty shop.

Today I’m reading a column from 1987. At the end I remember my mother and an experience she had with a skunk.

Warning! Keep an eye out for skunks. You don’t want to end up writing about a stinky confrontation.

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A visitor to the farm

Sunny stopped before going into the backdoor. He had sensed something and looked up.

So did I.

This is what we saw.

Luckily, I had my phone in my pocket and could take these photos.

The third photo wasn’t worth saving as it only had part of the eagle’s wing as it flew away.

Seeing a bald eagle on Sunnybook Farm always seems magical–unless it is looking for a chicken dinner.

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A gathering of geese

Just stand outside for a time and you’re bound to hear and maybe see geese flying south. Seeing these migrating birds isn’t anything unusual, still people stop and stare at the flying flocks.

Many times in fall and again in spring, we visited the Green Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a spot many Canada geese stop over for a rest and meal.

This column is about taking our young family to feed the geese. Our visit was fun, but of course also eventful.

I hope you enjoy this column from the 80s.

Maybe, to get out of the house, you’ll take a trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary, or another wildlife stopover.

Just take care if you do and watch your footing.

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Canada Geese in the sky

It’s always a good show each spring and fall when Canada geese fly through the sky. One day, when a few flocks merged and flew over Seymour, people came out of shops and homes to watch.

Everyone had their heads craned skyward as the geese honked past. I was amazed at how many people came outside. They were quite a sight, too.

Here’s my video of a column I wrote in 1981.

Things really don’t change.

Sometimes I’m stuck in the kitchen waiting for something to finish baking when there’s a sight to see outside. Foos can get burnt when this happens.

I’ve been taking photos of sunsets. The shortened time to this daily event can catch me off guard. I almost missed one this week because it came so soon, or at least seemed to come early. My seat by the kitchen window doesn’t always mean I’m attentive to what is happening outside.

May you experience the beauty of the changing seasons today.

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Fast flyer

I filmed a short video of this hummingbird before, but I had trouble getting a still photo.

This is what I was able to get today.

This bird is so fast I usually end up with empty air when snapping a photo.

It’s here and then it’s gone.

I’ll probably try again and see if I can get better coloring. The bright green just doesn’t show up well in this photo.

Still, I’m happy I finally got a shot. I hope I didn’t disturb its breakfast.

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