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Down the lane

I had a great video of hundreds of geese flying away but it wouldn’t download. Today the geese took off before I was close enough for a good video, but other birds hung around.

Turn up volume to hear the sounds of spring on Sunnybook Farm.

It was a good walk and I managed to get back to the house with only a few raindrops hitting me.

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What do you hear?

Turn up your volume for this short video. Noting is moving, but there is an interesting sound.

At first I thought I heard birds, but as the sound changed so did my idea about the animal/s above.

Many critters stop over on Sunnybook Farm. Some settle down to have a family. I pretty sure I know what critter belongs to this sound. It must be baby raccoons.

Of course, little raccoons have to have a big mama around. Chickens beware!

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To the rescue

I wrote about taking a walk along my road and picking up garbage left by inconsiderate motorists. Today was different.

This time I walked after a rain, and yes, there was garbage (ugh) but there was something else. Traveling out of the grass ditch were worms.

Too bad for these worms they ventured out of their natural area and onto the shoulder and blacktop. There they would die except for my rescue.

I only walked about a mile in total and saved twenty worms and two nightcrawlers. In the grand picture, that wasn’t many but at least those few were happy not to die.

If I had been thinking about fishing, these guys might have met a different fate, that being used as bait. But fishing is far from my adventures right now so they were safe.

I felt good that I could help out a few worms today. They benefit the soil.

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A look around

I found beauty in my back-backyard today. This is where my family has camped on Sunnybook Farm.

Just two quick views of the farm on a cloudy day.

There are no other human footprints but mine in this section of the yard. Most footprints around belong to the cats, maybe a few came from raccoons or opossums.

Nature surrounds me.

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Hunting season

This column was written early in my Wisconsin life. Some of my views about hunting have changed over the years.

Once a hunter jumped out of his truck, grabbed his gun, and sited on Bob who was walking to machinery in the field with fuel oil. It was obvious Bob wasn’t a deer but the hunter continued to point his gun toward him. So you can see why I’m not happy with all hunters.

There’s a good group of hunters who come out to Sunnybook Farm. I haven’t heard yet if they were successful this year. There were plenty of signs of deer here and a lot of crop damage, too, a good reason to trim the herd.

At the end of the season, the end of 2020, we’re making plans for family members to take a chance, too, like last year when Bob watched David and Eli walk up the lane and back to the house in the snow.

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