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Will it or won’t it leak?

I loved our waterbed especially in the winter as it was heated.

Yet there was always the possibility of springing a leak, which had me a bit nervous especially when the kids were bouncing on it.

I don’t know if it was a premonition or just fear of what could happen but the idea of leaks kept me vigilant.

We kept that waterbed for many years and even got a second one. Yes, we did have a couple of issues, but I would use one again. If I did have one, I wouldn’t want to get out of its warmth on a cold winter day.

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Icky walk with Sunny

As I walked down the lane with Sunny, I remembered why I don’t care to walk the lane with him in the spring.

There may be muddy spots, but that’s not what bothers me.

It’s the goose poop that is scattered all over. Sunny considers these blobs yummy treats. Ugh!

The wind was picking up as we headed back to the house. Sunny never seemed to get enough of his goose treats. As we neared the road the number of ‘treats’ diminished.

It always turns my stomach when he goes after these bits. Our next walk will be on the road where Sunny only gets dog treats that come out of my pocket.

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It’s not fun being a number

Every time you turn around a company is affixing a number to you. We are not people. We are numbers: phone numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers.

This reading is how I felt when treated like a number.

Things have not gotten better over the years. We continue to be numbers.

I revolt against being a number. What about you?

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Tasting a tomatillo

I have been intrigued by the look of a tomatillo. Google says it’s a fruit.

This video shows me tasting it for the first time–with the help of Car-E who shows off his whiskers.

I will buy this fruit again. It had a slight citrus taste and will add something a little different to my boring meals.

Try something out of the ordinary today. When I come across an unusual fruit or vegetable, I’ll give it a try, too.

Little food experiments make life interesting.

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