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As I have written about waiting for mail delivery and mail retrieval, today, I’m writing about mail.

I can’t believe the amount that has arrived here lately. Of course, most are expressions of sympathy. I so appreciate every envelope I open.

Sometimes the littlest comment gets to me.

Today I’m sharing a bouquet sent from our friends at the library. It brightens our home, but I have to set it where the cats won’t get to it. Cruella started pulling out the greenery before I stopped him.

I thought I’d share these flowers today because they are so beautiful.

I’m going to have so many thank-yous to send I’ll need a secretary (office assistant) to help. Most probably our family will lend a hand.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Our family actually had our Thanksgiving turkey on Sunday. I thought of cooking a turkey today but decided on lasagna instead. Bob’s sister will join us for lunch and then for a game of dominoes.

No matter what you are eating today, we wish you the best today and every day.

From Susan and Bob

Copyright 2019 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved.

A reminder

Today I went to our clinic and got my flu shot.

I hardly noticed the poke as I was trying to take this selfie and wasn’t paying much attention to what the nurse was doing.

I recommend that, if you are able, you head to a nearby establishment to get your own flu vaccination. News reports say it takes 2 weeks to develop antibodies against the flu, so the sooner, the better.

Bob got his shot two weeks ago, so he’s all set.

Wishing everyone good health.

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Too early a season

When I married into the Manzke family, I found that one winter activity they did was jigsaw puzzles. I think I had attempted one once in my life but found we didn’t have a large enough table for a puzzle so that one was never solved.

Bob taught me how to start a puzzle. When turning over the many pieces, extract the edges and put them together first.

It wasn’t until we moved here on Miller Road that Bob and I took up doing winter jigsaw puzzle ourselves.

Today was the first of the 2019-2020 season. It came to us as a gift for my August birthday from a friend named Susan and is 500 pieces.

Our first finished puzzle of the 2019-2020 season.

These days our pieces are larger in size, but fewer in number. Only on rare occasions will we do 1000 piece puzzles. Five hundred and even three hundred work better for us these days.

So we’re off, with one puzzle under our belt, though it’s too early. In many past years, we didn’t start until December, after fall farm work was finished, but nothing is ordinary anymore, especially the weather.

Now it’s time to box this puzzle up and bring out a second. The season has had a good start.

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Expert driver

Yesterday afternoon I was on the Internet visiting face to face with friend, Pauline, in Tasmania. At the same time, Bob was waiting for a truck to arrive to pick up the corpse of an old tractor.

I didn’t know exactly when Bob went outside. I was too involved with Pauline. We hadn’t connected in months and I didn’t want to miss the time with her–it was 3:45 pm Thursday here and 6:45 am Friday in Hobart, Tasmania. You can see why it’s hard to connect at the same time.

If I had been outside, I would have taken photos of the tractor (missing one large back wheel) as it was loaded on the truck. Bob was impressed with the process.

Months ago, someone else tried loading that tractor and couldn’t. He left it out in a spot where it was in the way. We were so glad when this truck came and was successful with the loading.

Heading to old tractor salvage yard

I arrived as the last chains were set in place after the tractor was loaded.

The truck couldn’t use our farm driveway as that is just mushy from all the rain. He was sure to have gotten stuck there.

Instead, he had to back out between our buildings, which was a tight squeeze.

I held my breath as he backed out. The mirrors on his truck were sure to hit the building.

No worries. This expert driver knew exactly what he was doing and was soon on the road with his load.

Both Bob and I were impressed.

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