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Bob’s past winter work

Without a heated machine shed, farm projects waited for spring and warm weather. That meant winter was a time for things needing doing inside the house.

The list was long and we knew that everything wouldn’t get done. So the most pressing was attacked. This is about the one project Bob tackled.

If we were lucky the house project would be finished before spring or it wait until another winter came our way. This time the bathroom work was finished in time.

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Bob could never relax

It was January, Bob had no farm work and he was on vacation from the canning company. Of course, he couldn’t sit still. There had to be a project that needed doing. Housework didn’t count.

He found a window that needed fixing. I was drafted to drive tractor and … Well you’ll have to listen and find out what Bob had me doing.

Lifting Bob in a tractor bucket wasn’t fun, but somehow he found chores that needed me driving and raising him up.

I always held my breath doing this kind of work with Bob. I also had my fingers crossed.

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Oil of a Different color

This column from 1987 could have happened any year. It is not tied to a specific time period.

Listen to hear as one major car problem is solved.

I hope you enjoyed the twist at the end.

I would never had remembered this short happening if I hadn’t written it in my column. This is a good example why everyone should save their stories, no matter how short.

Pick up your pen/pencil today and jot down a story you remember. Maybe one with a fun twist at the end. Good luck.

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Nightmares affect many

Many times I was woken up by a teary child who had just experienced a nightmare. This column is an account of Bob having a dream go sour.

Any time Bob had sleep issues they affected me, too. This was a rather mild nightmare for my husband. A few others involved a tractor going off a cliff and another had Bob being chased by a bear. You’ll have to listen to this one to see who was out to get Bob this night.

I’m glad I wrote this nightmare down. It wouldn’t have been remembered otherwise.

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A bearded Bob

Harvest and planting seasons kept Bob busy, too busy to shave. This column from 1984 shows his best attempt at growing a beard one winter.

Bob did not shave every day, so most times I felt his wishers when we kissed.

I wish I was snapping more photos in those days. But developing film was expensive and I often passed up a good photo just to save money.

Eventually, digital photos came our way. Without having to develop film, I caught Bob in many more photos, not just for special occasions.

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