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A Bob story

Today I’m reading a column from 1990 about Bob.

My husband was a soft-spoken guy except when it came to stubborn machinery. Then he would let the sharp words fly, but only if he was alone.

Of course, Bob forgot that sometimes others could hear his colorful words.

The kids laugh after hearing him working in our basement alone. Their dad’s words didn’t stop at the basement ceiling but floated into our living room where everyone could hear him. Bob never realized this, until he heard the kids laughing.

If Bob was really having a bad time with machinery, I’d head out and help. My hands would fit where his didn’t. Many days we were both covered with grease and oil. On a few rare occasions, I found solutions for him, that was because I didn’t know what I was doing and found interesting ways to address problems.

I sure miss him.

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Bob’s story

My late husband had all kinds of things happen to him while farming, afterward he would recount them to me.

Some stories were about machinery breakdowns. This one concerned wild weather.

No matter what happened, Bob laughed. Even this time, when he almost bought-the-farm.

I continue to live on the farm. Though others work the ground, Bob’s heart and soul is still here on Sunnybook Farm.

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Bob seeks farming options

In May 1988, I found Bob doing a lot of farm figuring in the middle of the night.

Bob’s work-life concerned farming 24/7. This night he was trying to make plans for spring. Everything looked good on paper, but…

Thinking about farming happened at night and during the day. Until planting was complete, Bob’s life centered on farming.

I did drive a tractor and worked up the ground before Bob planted. But it wouldn’t take much imagination to figure out that I handled a lot of our family activities.

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What to give Daddy for his birthday?

This column tells about one of Bob’s birthdays and what our young children decided to give him in 1989.

The gifts that Robby, Becky, Russell, and Rachel gave their Dad that year tell a lot about each of them. Just listen and see what I mean.

Today, gift giving also shows my children’s personality. After all these years, they haven’t changed too much, well, maybe Rob has.

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Bob’s past winter work

Without a heated machine shed, farm projects waited for spring and warm weather. That meant winter was a time for things needing doing inside the house.

The list was long and we knew that everything wouldn’t get done. So the most pressing was attacked. This is about the one project Bob tackled.

If we were lucky the house project would be finished before spring or it wait until another winter came our way. This time the bathroom work was finished in time.

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