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The county fair with grandchildren

I was surprised when Rachel messaged me and asked if I was up for a visit today. She and two of her children wanted to go to the fair and see my photo of Car-E (the third was off on a scouting camping trip with their dad). Of course, I wanted them to come.

I haven’t been to the fair so many times in one week in many years. It was two years ago that I went with a bunch of my grandchildren. Today it was only two but I was happy with that.

Susan, Arianna, and Eli at photography display with Susan’s winning entry.

We went through all the barns, but I think we spent the most time with the small animals and there the rabbits got most of our attention.

After watching a 4-H demonstration about bunny hopping, we were even offered a free rabbit and help to get it to hop over bunny-size jumps. Though Arianna would have brought a new pet home, Rachel said a firm, “No. Our dog chases rabbits. It wouldn’t work.”

Our day started out in the rain but ended in sunshine. I’d say it was a successful visit.

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Gross roadside attractions

What catches your attention while driving Wisconsin country roads? This column from 1990 tells what our children saw and commented on.

Some may giggle at their reactions. Others may gag.

Time has passed and all have grown up, but roadside attractions like these continue to bring comments from my family, and now I include grandchildren, too.

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A scream of joy

This sweetie came to the farm yesterday with his grandparents. Gifts were given. One in particular brought about this reaction.

The second video is of the toy that made this boy so happy.

Fun times were had by all.

Mostly I watched, smiled, and laughed at my young visitor–I didn’t want to scare him as he really didn’t know me.

Even I liked the car that went back and forth. (If the smaller button was pressed the car raced straight off the picnic table.)

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A surprise during a farm haying day

HOT and DRY! These were the words for the summer of 1988. But one day, while working at baling hay a surprise came from the sky that brightened our day.

Listen and find out what stopped farm work.

Some days you just work but there are times when farm work takes a back seat to a surprise visitor. Even Bob thought it a good idea to stop work and greet our visitor.

Hoping a good surprise comes your way today.

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No time for mother

In this 1988 column, the last few days of school were not spent in school but at home. All four Manzke children caught a bug, which meant their mother would be busy nursing them.

A mother needs time for herself, but when necessary that time is given up, maybe not gladly, but she does what has to be done.

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