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The spring cleaning bug

Most springs the spring cleaning bug doesn’t bite me, at least not right away. This year was different. In 1988, I went wild.

Hear how spring sprung on me in this long distant column.

This year, I’m outside picking up sticks and pinecones. Better to be out when the sun is shining.

Actually, housework is never high on my to-do list, unless company is coming.

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Bob’s past winter work

Without a heated machine shed, farm projects waited for spring and warm weather. That meant winter was a time for things needing doing inside the house.

The list was long and we knew that everything wouldn’t get done. So the most pressing was attacked. This is about the one project Bob tackled.

If we were lucky the house project would be finished before spring or it wait until another winter came our way. This time the bathroom work was finished in time.

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Bob could never relax

It was January, Bob had no farm work and he was on vacation from the canning company. Of course, he couldn’t sit still. There had to be a project that needed doing. Housework didn’t count.

He found a window that needed fixing. I was drafted to drive tractor and … Well you’ll have to listen and find out what Bob had me doing.

Lifting Bob in a tractor bucket wasn’t fun, but somehow he found chores that needed me driving and raising him up.

I always held my breath doing this kind of work with Bob. I also had my fingers crossed.

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A snowsuit dilemma

Snowsuits were handed down as our children grew. In this account from 1988 I tell about snowsuits that almost didn’t make it through to spring.

The expense of a new snowsuit wouldn’t have fit our budget, even if one could found for sale.

The eighties gave us many problems. Money was tight. I always say we hung onto our farm by the skin of our teeth. Sadly some of our friends lost farms.

We did our best, even patching a disintegrating snowsuit helped save money.

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A washing machine change

Back in the 1980s, I had a washer that was giving up the ghost. This column tells how the old washer’s life ended and the new one began.

Odd that I came across this column at this time. Tomorrow a new washing machine is heading here. Fingers crossed that the exchange of the old for the new will go without a hitch.

I’ve been fighting to keep this one going for almost 2 years. It’s only ten years old but when the repairman came he said it couldn’t be fixed as the parts weren’t available–yet they continue to make that machine. Go figure.

No matter. It’s time for a change and I’m sure I’ll be fascinated with my new washing machine, too.

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