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Camp Manzke 2021 — more work than play

Too much went on this weekend to put in a short blog, but I will give you a couple hints of the fun/work that took place on Sunnybook Farm.

One of my grandchildren taking his turn working tractor hydraulics as adults worked the woodsplitter for more campfire wood.

Campfire time with three grandsons, Wyatt, Harrison, and Eli.

Seven of my eleven grandchildren saying goodnight to the setting sun.

There was so much that happened I can’t get my head around it all.

We cleaned up a lot around the farm with so much more to do. I can’t thank my family for all the work they did this weekend.

I will now try to write a more complete column about Camp Manzke 2021. You’ll be able to read more about all the work and fun we had over the weekend when I’m finished.

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A non-blog blog

Working for hours outside means I didn’t have much time to post today. Instead, I made this short video.

I came inside to rest but before I put my feet up I’m posting this tiny update.

Tomorrow means other chores and adventures. Come back then to find out what I’m up to.

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A surprise during a farm haying day

HOT and DRY! These were the words for the summer of 1988. But one day, while working at baling hay a surprise came from the sky that brightened our day.

Listen and find out what stopped farm work.

Some days you just work but there are times when farm work takes a back seat to a surprise visitor. Even Bob thought it a good idea to stop work and greet our visitor.

Hoping a good surprise comes your way today.

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The spring cleaning bug

Most springs the spring cleaning bug doesn’t bite me, at least not right away. This year was different. In 1988, I went wild.

Hear how spring sprung on me in this long distant column.

This year, I’m outside picking up sticks and pinecones. Better to be out when the sun is shining.

Actually, housework is never high on my to-do list, unless company is coming.

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Bob’s past winter work

Without a heated machine shed, farm projects waited for spring and warm weather. That meant winter was a time for things needing doing inside the house.

The list was long and we knew that everything wouldn’t get done. So the most pressing was attacked. This is about the one project Bob tackled.

If we were lucky the house project would be finished before spring or it wait until another winter came our way. This time the bathroom work was finished in time.

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