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A family science project

I follow rules. When the teachers said not to do the kids’ science projects, I stood back and watched. It was my job to get supplies and answer questions. That was all.

It really bothered me when I saw projects done by an adult show up at school.

This is how I coped back in 1987 when it was time for school science projects.

I might have been able to help with writing assignments, but I made a point to let all my children learn by doing. That seems to have worked out pretty well with my brood. Even today they know how to write a sentence.

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A salty treasure

How do you decorate a home when you are broke? When Bob and I were first married in 1973, I rummaged at sales for salt and pepper shakers. They cost a quarter then.

Here’s a column about opening a box filled with my treasures from 1987.

These are just a few from my collection. (The glass bird and ceramic angel are not shakers.)

I don’t buy any salt and pepper shakers any more. Their too expensive these days, so I guess I do have a treasure after all.

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Advent candles

My candles are in four house windows. Good thing they are not real. There are no flames with these.

They flicker for 8 hours and then they are off for the rest of the day.

I was afraid the flickering would attract Car-E in my bedroom window. Luckily it didn’t. Both candle and cat are safe.

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+Creativity questions

A lot of the times, I went wild with crafts. After spending money on supplies I would lose interest.

I still admire what my friends accomplish and yearn to do as well. That feeling often gets me into trouble.

These days most of my creativity stays focused on writing.

I have been cutting fabric for a project but I haven’t sewn anything yet. Will have to wait to see how that all works out.

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